Engaging 'Hard to Reach' Parents - Teacher -Parent Collaboration to Promote Children'sLearning
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More About This Title Engaging 'Hard to Reach' Parents - Teacher -Parent Collaboration to Promote Children'sLearning


A practical guide to establishing positive relationships with hard-to-reach parents.
  • Includes research-based techniques for teachers on how to reach hard-to-reach parents, carers, and guardians
  • Explores the international perspective on successful parental engagement
  • Provides practical help for developing closer relationships between parents and schools 


Anthony Feiler is a Reader in Education at The Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, and was previously Head of Psychology at Bath Spa University. After teaching in a London primary school, Anthony spent fourteen years in professional practice as an educational psychologist. His research interests include teacher-parent collaboration, special educational needs and inclusive education, support strategies for disabled children and early literacy intervention.


About the Author.



1 Introduction.

2 Types of Engagement, Explanations and Risk Factors.

3 International Perspectives.

4 Successful Projects in the United Kingdom.

5 The Place of Home Visiting.

6 Caveats and Concerns.

7 Creating More Approachable Schools and Other Settings.




"Nevertheless, the book presents a readable and scholarly account of important issues regarding the involvement of "hard to reach" parents. In my opinion it will be more appreciated by researchers and academics wanting to study parental involvement in education than it will by teachers wanting to improve what their schools do to optimize this." (Educational Review, 31 August 2011)


"This timely book builds a compelling argument for the importance and urgency of creating positive relationships between school and home, especially with families experiencing unique or challenging circumstances. Feiler persuasively proposes moving toward 'more reachable schools', which no doubt can lead to positive outcomes for children and families. In this book, readers will find an excellent road map to better understanding and achieving healthy family-professional partnerships."
Professor Elizabeth J. Erwin, Ed.D., Montclair State University College of Education, USA

"This is a readable yet academically rigorous book that draws together findings from contemporary theory, research and practice. It provides a range of positive and constructive approaches for schools and other organizations which will help them to meet the challenge of engaging effectively with parents, and in so doing improve the quality of education for all children, especially those from disadvantaged communities."
Peter Farrell, Sarah Fielden Professor of Special Needs and Educational Psychology, School of Education, University of Manchester

"Clarity and integrity permeate this important book. An excellent variety of real-life examples of school-parent collaboration is discussed, and the balance of policy, theory and practice is outstandingly well-handled. This highly readable book will appeal to both practitioners and education students from the UK and from international contexts."
Professor Gary Thomas, Head of School of Education, University of Birmingham