Coeliac Disease - Nursing Care and Management
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Coeliac Disease: Nursing Care and Management provides nurses with the knowledge and evidence base to understand the impact of the diagnosis of Coeliac disease, and examine the long term treatment and management of the condition. The authors take the reader through an investigative journey from the history of the disease through its pathology, characteristics, diagnosis, treatment and management. Clinical case studies bring to life both the physical and psychosocial aspects of care of patients making this an ideal text for clinical nurse specialists, Gastroenterology nurses and Endoscopy nurses.


Helen Griffiths is a Nurse Consultant in Gastroenterology at Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.


List of Contributors.



Introduction and how to use this book.

1. The History of Coeliac Fisease.

A Chronological history of coeliac disease.

Definition of coeliac disease.

2. The Characteristics of Coeliac Fisease.

Structure and function of the small intestine.

Pathogenesis of coeliac disease.

3. Presentation of Coeliac Disease.

Classical and non-classical presentation.

 Clinical disorders associated with coeliac disease.

4. Diagosing Coeliac Disease.

An accurate history.

Serological screening antibody tests.

Methods of obtaining a histological diagnosis.

Pathologic analysis and diagnosis.

5. The Treatment of Coeliac Disease.

The gluten free diet.

Avoiding the traps - shopping, cooking and eating without gluten.

6. Long Term Support and Follow Up.

Assessment of dietary compliance.

Exclusion of concomitant disease .

Risk of malignancy associated with coeliac disease .

Support groups - the expert patient.

7. The impact of coeliac disease and vulnerable groups.

Emotional impact.


Fertility and pregnancy.

The older coeliac patient. 

8. Managing Poor Response or Relapse.

Persistent disease.

Assessment of dietary compliance.

Confirmation of diagnosis.

Exclusion of concomitant disease.

9. Future Developments.

Chronic disease management.

Future research into coeliac disease.

10. Patients' story.

Alan's story.

Zoe's story.

Jean's story.

Mrs A's story.