Star of India - The Spicy Adventures of Curry
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More About This Title Star of India - The Spicy Adventures of Curry


How did the curry get here and how did the Brits, a nation famed for a love of bland food, end up with Chicken Tikka Masala as their favourite dish? It is a history that took curry, via the British Empire, from its Eastern origins, around the globe.

This book talks to the men and women who gambled everything to make a living, who endured indifference and racism to secure an income and those who got their relatives to pack the cardamom when they visited as there was no other way of obtaining the ingredients. This book looks at how the British love affair with curry has changed lives, not just in Britain but around the globe


Jo Monroe is a former Time Out TV critic, dotcom entrepreneur and author of six previous books. She is currently a freelance writer working for the Observer and TheTimes.



Chapter One - The Lust for Spice.

Chapter Two – Why Spice + Spice=Magic.

Chapter Three – The Food of Empire.

Chapter Four – Twentieth Century Tastes.

Chapter Five – The Pioneers.

Chapter Six – The Vindaloo Years.

Chapter Seven – The British Response.

Chapter Eight – The Unexpected Consequences of Curry.

Chapter Nine – The Curry Conquerors.

Chapter Ten – The Five-Star Revolution.

Chapter Eleven – The Future of Curry.

Chapter Twelve – Curry Conquers the World.


Appendix A – A Guide to Regional Cuisines.

Appendix B – Restaurant Names.

Appendix C – Menu Mates 



“…Stories of the “curry conquerors”….make this a surprisingly entertaining read…” (Daily Express, 26 November 2004)