NLP and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals -Developing Expert Practice
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More About This Title NLP and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals -Developing Expert Practice


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a recognised and validated means of providing expert communication and personal effectiveness in both life and work contexts. It is well used in all contexts and is well established in the business world, but is yet to be widely used in health care practice (although is gaining ground in terms of improving health of individuals).

This book provides an accessible introduction to NLP for healthcare professionals. Breaking down any complicated terminology, it gives practical applications of all commonly used NLP tools, demonstrating their value and inspiring readers to apply them in their day-to-day work.

  • Demonstrates NLP and coaching can be used in healthcare by practitioners to enhance their own practice, the service delivered by the team and improve patient care
  • Highlights effective tools in coaching to make a difference in practice
  • Demonstrates the value of self development through coaching to individuals in health care It is written as a practical tool kit, making development effective, accessible and fun


Suzanne Henwood: Henwood Associates (South East) Ltd
Suzanne has a background in clinical work. 

Jim Lister has worked extensively with Health Care Professionals.
Both are master practitioners in NCP.






Chapter 1 – Self Empowerment.

Chapter 2 – Empowering Yourself to Others.

Chapter 3 – Taking Control of Your Life.

Chapter 4 – Values, Beliefs and Congruency.

Chapter 5 – Perceptual Positioning.

Chapter 6 – Goal Setting.

Chapter 7 – Self Managing Toolkit.

Chapter 8 – Overcoming Hurdles and Maintaining Momentum.



"Emergency Care nurses may find it a useful tool in helping them deal with the pressures of working in their rapidly changing environments." (International Emergency Nursing, 2008)

"This is a tool to enhance our abilities and well-being inside and outside work. It could also be useful to teachers of healthcare staff." (Nursing Standard, January 2008)