Minor Surgical Procedures for Nurses and AlliedHealthcare Professionals
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More About This Title Minor Surgical Procedures for Nurses and AlliedHealthcare Professionals


Minor Surgical Procedures for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals is a comprehensive guide, outlining the correct procedures for the assessment and performance of minor surgical procedures. Highlighting significant issues and discussing practice limitations it defines and explores the most common applications within the boundaries of clinical practice, nursing administration and outcomes, in what has become a rapidly evolving field.

With contributions from multi-disciplinary professionals, all experts in their field, fifteen accessible and well-illustrated chapters examine the key themes of

AnatomyMaking an AssessmentMedicolegalLocal AnaesthesiaSurgical TechniquesTraining and EducationFuture Developments

Minor Surgical Procedures for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals provides invaluable information on new role developments, the many challenges in 'getting started' along with topical issues such as informed patient consent and an overview of potential patient reactions. Ultimately it explores and advises on the fundamental skills, both communication and technical, which are key to success.


Shirley Martin (Ed), Nurse Practitioner in Surgical Technology, Academic Surgical Unit, St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, Paddington, London


List of Contributors.




Part One: Elementary Requirements.

1. Starting Out: The Wider Picture (Shirley Martin).

2. Modernisation: Role Redesign to Optimise Patient Outcomes (John Beesley).

3. Training and Education (Barry Paraskeva).

4. Nurse Prescribing (Ann Clarridge).

5. Medico-Legal Aspects of Non-Medical Practitioner Roles (Verity Danziger).

Part Two: Information Giving and Documentation.

6. Communication Skills for Minor Surgery (Debra Nestel).

7. Preoperative Assessment (Anurag Patel and Sanjay Purkayastha).

8. Perioperative Management: Consent and Follow–up (Jennifer Simpson).

9. Documentation (Anurag Patel and Sanjay Purkayastha).

Part Three: Clinical Practices.

10. Maintaining Asepsis: Preventing Infection of the Surgical Site (Christine McDougall).

11. The Theatre Environment and Equipment (Parvinderpal Sains).

12. Recognising Skin Lesions (Julia Schofield).

13. Basic Anatomy and Techniques of Excising Skin Lesions (Gregory Thomas and Sanjay Purkayastha; Illustrations Olivia Thomas).

14. Local Anaesthesia for Minor Operative Procedures (David Lomax and Kausi Rao).

15. Operative Techniques for Minor Surgical Procedures (Rajesh Aggarwal).

16. Haemostasis and Cautery for Minor Procedures (Parvinderpal Sains).

17. Future Prospects (Shirley Martin).

Glossary and Role Definitions.