Exercise Leadership in Cardiac Rehabilitation - An Evidence-Based Approach
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More About This Title Exercise Leadership in Cardiac Rehabilitation - An Evidence-Based Approach


This book provides physiotherapists and exercise professionals with a comprehensive resource on the exercise components and skills of constructing and teaching CR exercise. It addresses the scope of knowledge and skills required by exercise specialists developing, delivering and teaching exercise based CR programmes. It has an evidence-based framework, and provides practical advice and suggestions based on the clinical experience of the contributing authors. Among the topics covered are assessment, exercise monitoring, the use of music, safety, teaching skills and maintaining physical activity. Thus the book provides a comprehensive and practical text that can be used to plan, develop and deliver all phases of exercise based CR.

"...provides a virtual pharmacopoeia of exercise guidelines for patients with cardiovascular disease, with specific reference to exercise prescription, risk stratification, exercise physiology, monitoring techniques, and leadership and organizational skills. The authors represent a prestigious group of scientists, clinicians, researchers, and teachers, who are authorities in their respective fields. Clearly, the contributors have painstakingly worked to summarize, in a clear and concise manner, the latest research findings in each area, highlighting patient care and related applications. A "must-read" for clinicians in the field of cardiac rehabilitation. I highly recommend this extraordinary text !"
—Barry A. Franklin, PhD, Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Laboratories, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan USA; Professor of Physiology, Wayne State University, School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan


Edited by Morag K Thow, Lecturer in Physiotherapy, School of Health and Social Care, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK.






1 Cardiac Rehabilitation Overview (Christine Proudfoot).

2 Risk Stratification and Health Screening for Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Ann Ross and Mhairi Campbell).

3 Exercise Physiology and Monitoring of Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation (John Buckley).

4 Exercise Prescription in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Hilary Dingwall, Kim Ferrier and Joanne Semple).

5 Class Design and Use of Music in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Linda Harley and Gillian Armstrong).

6 Leadership, Exercise Class Management and Safety in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Fiona Lough).

7 Teaching Skills for Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Classes (Morag K. Thow).

8 Maintaining Physical Activity in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Adrienne Hughes and Nanette Mutrie).

Appendix A – Glossary.