Detox For Dummies
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Detox For Dummies offers expert advice on safe and healthy detox dieting.

Spring clean your system and feel great with this easy-to-follow guide. Packed with expert advice on diet and nutrition, this book will show you how to put together a healthy detox plan, eliminate toxins, stay motivated and detox your diet and lifestyle safely and successfully.


Caroline Shreeve is a GP and health writer. She has written books and articles on a variety of health topics.



Part I: Detox Basics.

Chapter 1: Figuring Out What Detox Is All About.

Chapter 2: Toxins, Toxins Everywhere.

Chapter 3: Supporting Your Detox Organs.

Part II: Detoxing Your Diet.

Chapter 4: Detoxing Essentials.

Chapter 5: What To Eat – and Why.

Chapter 6: What Not To Eat – and Why.

Part III: Detoxing Your Lifestyle.

Chapter 7: Detoxing Your Lifestyle.

Chapter 8: Overcoming Stress.

Chapter 9: Embracing Relaxation.

Part IV: Planning Your Detox.

Chapter 10: DIY Detox.

Chapter 11: Supplements for Detox.

Chapter 12: Maintaining Detox for Life.

Part V: Delicious Detox Recipes.

Chapter 13: Detox Breakfasts.

Chapter 14: Detox Soups.

Chapter 15: Detox Salads.

Chapter 16: Detox Snacks, Dips, and Spreads.

Chapter 17: Vegetarian Detox Dinners.

Chapter 18: Fish and Fowl Detox Dinners.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Therapies that Enhance Detox.

Chapter 20: Ten Myths about Detox.

Chapter 21: Ten Tips to Help You Stay Motivated.

Appendix: The Benefits of Eating Healthily.