The Social Media MBA - Your Competitive Edge inSocial Media Strategy Development & Delivery
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More About This Title The Social Media MBA - Your Competitive Edge inSocial Media Strategy Development & Delivery


It's a fact that companies so far have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved with social media.

Whatever continent, industry, company size, current degree of social media adoption or your job title, the purpose of this book is to inspire you to see how you can raise the bar further to reap new rewards. It will give you the tools to make a difference to your organisation's social media strategy development and delivery going forward.

In addition it will also give you more intellectual support and confidence to discuss social media on a higher level with peers, inspire colleagues or negotiate and create support for increased investments from your leadership team.

In The Social Media MBA editor Christer Holloman has crowd sourced 15 thought leaders from 4 continents to offer an exceptional educational programme written for experienced social media professionals just like you.

In addition, learn through cases studies produced by the social leaders at these brands:

ARM by Kerry McGuire Balanza – Director of Strategic Marketing

Aviva by Jan Gooding – Global Brand Director

Dell by Stuart Handley – Communications Director

Evans Cycles by Will Lockie – Head of Social Media

GlaxoSmithKlein (Ribena) by Verity Clifton – Brand Marketing Manager

Kodak by Madlen Nicolaus – Social Media Manager

Phillips by Hans Notenboom – Global Director B2B Online

Sage by Cath Sheldon – Online PR Specialist

There is more, connect with the co-authors and other readers by joining The Social Media MBA Alumi group, visit or search or the group on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest, ask questions or join the discussions.


Christer Holloman, is Head of Product/VP Commercial Strategy at The Digital Property Group.  He is a Sky News Reporter and regular panel expert commentator for Sky News.  He has just received an accolade from the London Evening Standard as "one of London’s Top 25 Most Influential Individuals within New Media", as well as Industry Winner of The Telegraph's Digital Award for 2011.


Preface vii

Part I Foundation 1

1 Quick Recap 3

2 Bridging the Social Media Gap 15

Part II Strategy Development 27

3 Inspiring and Facilitating Creativity 29

4 The Rise of Branded Content 39

5 Power of Integration 49

6 Intent is the New Demographic 63

7 Targeting the Easily Infl uenced Not the Highly Influential 75

Part III Strategy Delivery 89

8 Your Best Advocates 91

9 The Profit Manifesto 101

10 Social Media Business Engineering 117

11 Power Struggles of the Advocate Age 131

Part IV Case Studies 145

12 ARM 147

13 Aviva 153

14 Dell 157

15 Evans Cycles 163

16 GlaxoSmithKline 167

17 Kodak 173

18 Royal Philips Electronics 179

19 Sage 185

Part V The Future 191

20 The Ethnocentric Bias 193

21 Digital Dragons, Elephants and Tigers 205

22 Design Thinking and Social Media 221

23 God Technology 235

Conclusion 245

Biographies 247

Index 259