Mastering Story, Community and Influence - How toUse Social Media to Become a Socialeader
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More About This Title Mastering Story, Community and Influence - How toUse Social Media to Become a Socialeader


Your digital presence tells the story of who you are…so what should you be saying?

In a world overflowing with the noise of Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts, Pinterest pins and YouTube video responses, it’s difficult to connect with the people who matter most to your business and your career.

Mastering Story, Community and Influence explains the art of social media storytelling, showing you how to turn your offline expertise into the sort of online thought-leadership that cuts through the noise and attracts larger, more important communities.

Whether you’re new to social media or racing to keep up with every new platform, social media storyteller extraordinaire, Jay Oatway, reveals the underlying mechanics and best practices behind becoming a serious online influencer.

Mastering Story, Community and Influence will help you become an authoritative presence online and build both the reputation and community you need for your future success in the Social Media Era.


Celebrated as a leading social media authority, Jay Oatway is a popular public speaker, delivering seminars and keynotes to business leaders, as well as providing expert testimonials for the media. He's recognised for his outstanding ability to drive traffic through social media. He has an influential worldwide following of more than 100,000 Twitter users.


Introduction ix

Part One – Story: Tell It Well 1

1. Why We Must Share 3

2. A Better Story Of You 17

3. Social Media Is Like A Cocktail Party 39

4. On With The Show 47

5. Whose Story Is It? 63

6. How To Never Run Out Of Interesting Things To Talk About 73

7. Don’t Just Tell. Perform! 85

Part Two – Community: Wowing Your Audience 95

8. Finding Your Community 97

9. Make Your ‘Story’ Feel More Like Service 111

10. Friend Relationship Management 121

11. Friends In Need 133

12. Don’t Be A Social Media Snob 145

13. Take It Outside 157

Part Three – Influence: Pulling Back The Curtain 165

14. What Is Influence? 167

15. It’s True: Size Does Matter 189

16. Solving The Underpants Problem 207

17. All Aboard the Social Train 217

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About Jay Oatway 229

Index 231