The Little Black Book for Managers - How toMaximize Your Key Management Moments of Power
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More About This Title The Little Black Book for Managers - How toMaximize Your Key Management Moments of Power


A smart, small book for any manager’s pocket.


In every manager’s career there are moments where decisions need to be made in order to achieve success and this smart, nicely packaged little book can be there to help each time. The trick to succeeding in these moments is to identify each of these situations ahead of time and understand how to act and what to do to reduce the chances of failure. That is exactly what The Little Black Book for Managers has done. The authors have listed a whole host of situations most managers face, based on thousands of personal experiences, and have mapped out how to deal with each situation. The book contains specific examples of words and phrases that can be used as well as illustrations and exercises to analyse your current performance. It is short on waffle and high on practical wisdom. It is designed to be dipped in and out of – reached for whenever a situation arises. This is a practical support tool for managers at all levels, from shop-floor supervisor to main board director.

The Little Black Book for Managers explains how to deal with scenarios such as;

  • Having a lack of confidence to deal with other people in the way that is needed
  • Times when you have to assert your authority more
  • Allocating critical work. Who to choose?
  • Needing to get extra effort from the team when under pressure
  • Incentivising
  • Delegation
  • Having to deal with under-performers
  • Personality clashes between work colleagues
  • Managing a meeting with senior leaders


John Cross has designed and delivered learning and development programmes and has the real-world practitioner experience — RAF instructor, sales director, marketing director and business owner. He spent 15 years as a middle manager before starting his own training business.

Kevin Money is Associate Professor at Henley Business School. He is the Director of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation and teaches on the MBA programme (6000 students). He is mentor and tutor in Henley's Advanced Management Programme. He is also a chartered psychologist, NLP practitioner and Director of the Positive Psychology Forum. He regularly speaks to both academic and practitioner audiences eg World Marketing Congress, BSkyB and the Future Leaders event.

Rafael Gomez has previously taught Management at the London School of Economics and is currently Associate Professor in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto. He has worked with both public and private sector organizations and presented his findings at 50 national and international conferences. He is a member of a number of related associations.


Foreword vii

Introduction 1

Part 1 – Your Rewarding Job 9

1. Your Responsibilities 11

2. Your Goals 19

3. Your Performance 27

4. Your Messages 37

Part 2 – It’s All About You 47

5. Your Focus 49

6. Your Time 61

7. Your Image 73

8. Your Ideas 83

Part 3 – Your Team Is What You Make It 93

9. Your Interactions 95

10. Your Authority 105

11. Your Successes and Failures 115

12. Your Meetings 123

13. Your People 133

Part 4 – Your Talented Staff 143

14. Their Personalities 145

15. Their Reactions 155

16. Their Motivations 161

17. Their Talents 171

18. Their Behaviours 181

19. Their Career Changes 189

Conclusion 197

Further Reading 201

About the Authors 211

Acknowledgements 215

Index 219