Digital Holography for MEMS and MicrosystemMetrology
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More About This Title Digital Holography for MEMS and MicrosystemMetrology


Approaching the topic of digital holography from the practical perspective of industrial inspection, Digital Holography for MEMS and Microsystem Metrology describes the process of digital holography and its growing applications for MEMS characterization, residual stress measurement, design and evaluation, and device testing and inspection. Asundi also provides a thorough theoretical grounding that enables the reader to understand basic concepts and thus identify areas where this technique can be adopted. This combination of both practical and theoretical approach will ensure the book's relevance and appeal to both researchers and engineers keen to evaluate the potential of digital holography for integration into their existing machines and processes.
  • Addresses particle characterization where digital holography has proven capability for dynamic measurement of particles in 3D for sizing and shape characterization, with applications in microfluidics as well as crystallization and aerosol detection studies.
  • Discusses digital reflection holography, digital transmission holography, digital in-line holography, and digital holographic tomography and applications.
  • Covers other applications including micro-optical and diffractive optical systems and the testing of these components, and bio-imaging.


Anand Asundi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Anand Asundi is Professor and Deputy Director of the Advanced Materials Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research interests are in photomechanics and optical sensors & he has published over 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented invited and plenary talks at international conferences. He has also chaired and organized numerous conferences in Singapore and other parts of the world.
He is Editor of Optics and Lasers in Engineering and on the Board of Directors of SPIE, and a fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Singapore and SPIE. He also holds advisory professorial appointments at Tongji University, Shanghai University and Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He is Chairman of the Asian Committee on Experimental Mechanics and the Asia Pacific Committee on Smart and Nano Materials both of which he co-founded.


About the Editor xi

Contributors xiii

Series Preface xvii

Acknowledgements xix

Abbreviations xxi

1 Introduction 1
Anand Asundi

2 Digital Reflection Holography and Applications 7
Vijay R. Singh and Anand Asundi

2.1 Introduction to Digital Holography and Methods 7

2.1.1 Holography and Digital Holography 7

2.1.2 Digital Recording Mechanism 9

2.1.3 Numerical Reconstruction Methods 10

2.2 Reflection Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM) Systems Development 13

2.2.1 Optical Systems and Methodology 13

2.3 3D Imaging, Static and Dynamic Measurements 23

2.3.1 Numerical Phase and 3D Measurements 23

2.3.2 Digital Holographic Interferometry 25

2.4 MEMS/Microsystems Characterization Applications 31

2.4.1 3D Measurements 31

2.4.2 Static Measurements and Dynamic Interferometric Measurement 35

2.4.3 Vibration Analysis 39

References 50

3 Digital Transmission Holography and Applications 51
Qu Weijuan

3.1 Historical Introduction 51

3.2 The Foundation of Digital Holography 53

3.2.1 Theoretical Analysis of Wavefront Interference 58

3.2.2 Digital Hologram Recording and Reconstruction 70

3.2.3 Different Numerical Reconstruction Algorithms 71

3.3 Digital Holographic Microscopy System 73

3.3.1 Digital Holographic Microscopy with Physical Spherical Phase Compensation 74

3.3.2 Lens-Less Common-Path Digital Holographic Microscope 79

3.3.3 Common-Path Digital Holographic Microscope 84

3.3.4 Digital Holographic Microscopy with Quasi-Physical Spherical Phase Compensation: Light with Long Coherence Length 92

3.3.5 Digital Holographic Microscopy with Quasi-Physical Spherical Phase Compensation: Light with Short Coherence Length 99

3.4 Conclusion 102

References 104

4 Digital In-Line Holography and Applications 109
Taslima Khanam

4.1 Background 109

4.2 Digital In-Line Holography 111

4.2.1 Recording and Reconstruction 111

4.3 Methodology for 2D Measurement of Micro-Particles 114

4.3.1 Numerical Reconstruction, Pre-Processing and Background Correction 114

4.3.2 Image Segmentation 116

4.3.3 Particle Focusing 117

4.3.4 Particle Size Measurement 118

4.4 Validation and Performance of the 2D Measurement Method 120

4.4.1 Verification of the Focusing Algorithm 121

4.4.2 Spherical Beads on a Glass Slide 123

4.4.3 Microspheres in a Flowing System 124

4.4.4 10 mm Microspheres Suspension 125

4.4.5 Measurement of Microfibers 125

4.5 Methodology for 3D Measurement of Micro-Fibers 128

4.5.1 Method 1: The 3D Point Cloud Method 129

4.5.2 Method 2: The Superimposition Method 130

4.6 Validation and Performance of the 3D Measurement Methods 134

4.6.1 Experiment with a Single Fiber 134

4.6.2 3D Measurements of Micro-Fibers in Suspension 135

4.7 Conclusion 136

References 137

5Other Applications 139

5.1 Recording Plane Division Multiplexing (RDM) in Digital Holography for Resolution Enhancement 141
Caojin Yuan and Hongchen Zhai

5.1.1 Introduction of the Recording Plane Division Multiplexing Technique 141 The SM Technique 142 The ADM Technique 143 The WDM Technique 145 The PM Technique 146

5.1.2 RDM Implemented in Pulsed Digital Holography for Ultra-Fast Recording 147 Introduction 147 AMD in the Pulsed Digital Holography 148 WDM in Pulsed Digital Holography 150

5.1.3 RDM Implemented by Digital Holography for Spatial Resolution Enhancement 152 Introduction 152 AMD in Digital Holography 153 AMD and PM in Digital Holography 156

5.1.4 Conclusion 159

References 160

5.2 Development of Digital Holographic Tomography 161
Yu Yingjie

5.2.1 Introduction 161

5.2.2 Classification of Digital Holographic Tomography 162

5.2.3 Principle of Digital Holographic Tomography 166 Principle of Digital Holography 166 Reconstruction Principle of Computer Tomography 166 CT Reconstruction Algorithms 168

5.2.4 Application of DHT 170 Detection of Biological Tissue 170 Material Detection 172

References 175

5.3 Digital Holographic Interferometry for Phase Distribution Measurement 177
Jianlin Zhao

5.3.1 Measurement Principle of Digital Holographic Interferometry 177 Principle of Phase Measurement of the Object Wave Field 178 Principle of Digital Holographic Interferometry 180

5.3.2 Applications of Digital Holographic Interferometry in Surface Profile Testing of MEMS/MOEMS 183

5.3.3 Applications of Digital Holographic Interferometry in Measuring Refractive Index Distribution 185 Measurement of Light-Induced Index Change in Photorefractive Crystals 186 Measurement of Acoustic Standing Wave Field 191 Measurement of Plasma Plume Field 192 Measurement of Temperature Distribution in Air Field 193 Visualization Measurement of Turbulent Flow Field in Water 194

References 195

6 Conclusion 199
Anand Asundi

Index 201