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SCM practices are recognised as core functional areas in assisting a project team to identify, control, audit, and report on all configuration items of a project.  Consequently they are then better able to control changes to the working environment.

Moreira presents a totally unique book, offering a “how-to” guide for SCM implementation for commercial and technology fields. A thoroughly practical approach; this guide includes examples and instruction of SCM tasks. 

This book has an easy to follow set of tasks that can be customized to assist a SCM professional in implementing SCM in a more efficient and expedient manner while also imparting SCM knowledge.

  • Provides a customisable step-by-step process in implementing SCM
  • Discusses typical SCM activities at project level and includes source control, change control, problem management, etc.
  • An accompanying website contains templates, procedures and other materials to aid understanding and encourage the practical applications of the material discussed throughout
  • Anyone who has to implement SCM in his/her company at every level will need this book and find its practical approach useful


Mario E. Moreira has worked in the SCM field since 1986. He has experience with numerous SCM technologies and processes on a range of platforms in a variety of industries including commercial, government, and financial sectors. He has implemented various SCM technologies on over 75 applications/products which includes establishing global SCM infrastructures. He has experience in several process and quality related areas including SEI CMM. Mario has written many SCM-related articles and has spoken at several international SCM conferences. He has an MA in Mass Communication with an emphasis on communication technologies. Mario also brings years of project management, software quality assurance, requirements management, facilitation, and team building skills and experience.



1. Overview. 


Who should use this Book.

Benefits of this Book.

Examining the Target Levels.

Examining the Customizable Set of SCM Tasks.

How to Use this Book.

2. Introduction to SCM.  

General Definition for SCM.

Four Fundamentals of SCM.

Benefits of SCM.

SCM Resource Guide.

3. Establish SCM in an Organization.

Focusing on the Organization Level.

SCM Commitment Phase.

SCM Direction Phase.

SCM Foundation Phase.

4. Establish an SCM Infrastructure for an Application.

Focusing on the Application Level.

SCM Analysis Phase.

SCM Implementation Planning Phase.

SCM Technology Selection Phase.

SCM Design Phase.

SCM Process Phase.

SCM Technology Implementation Phase.

SCM Training Phase.

SCM System Testing Phase.

SCM System Transition Phase.

5. Establish SCM Tasks on a Project.

Focusing on the Project Level.

Project Planning and Requirements Phase.

Design Phase.

Development Phase.

Test Phase.

Release Phase.



A.1 - SCM Risk List Template.

A.2 - Lessons Learned Template.

A.3 - SCM Glossary.

A.4 - SCM Policy Template.

A.5 - SCM Plan Template.

A.6 - SCM Analysis Investigator Template.

A.7 - SCM Analysis Summary Template.

A.8 - SCM Implementation Project Plan Template.

A.9 - SCM Technology Evaluation Requirements List Template.

A.9.1 - SCM Technology Evaluation Summary Template.

A.10 - SCM Design Specification Template.

A.11 - Master Application Inventory Template.

A.12 - Global SCM/Development Strategy Template.

A.13 - SCM Problem Management Process.

A1.13.1 - Problem Request Form Template.

A.14 - SCM Change Control Process.

A1.14.1 - Change Request Form Template.

A1.14.2 - Change Control Board (CCB) Conduct Guidelines Template.

A.15 - SCM Identification Process.

A.16 - SCM Version Control Process.

A.17 - SCM Merge Process.

A.18 - SCM Build Process.

A.19 - SCM Release Process.

A1.19.1 - Release Notes Template.

A.20 - SCM Audit Process.

A1.20.1 - SCM Process Audit Checklist Template.

A1.20.2 - SCM Baseline Audit Checklist Template.

A.21 - SCM Oversight Process.

A1.21.1 - SCM Status Report Template.

A.22- SCM Report Process.

A.23- SCM Tasks at the Project Level.

About the Author.