Building Heat Transfer
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A third or more of the energy consumption of industrialized countries is expended on creating acceptable thermal and lighting conditions in buildings. As a result, building heat transfer is keenly important to the design of buildings, and the resulting analytical theory forms the basis of most design procedures. Analytical Theory of Building Heat Transfer is the first comprehensive reference of its kind, a one-volume compilation of current findings on heat transfer relating to the thermal behavior of buildings, forming a logical basis for current design procedures.




1 Elementary Steady-State Heat Transfer.

2 Physical Constants of Materials.

3 Conduction-Dominated Systems.

4 Thermal Circuit Theory.

5 Heat Transfer by Air Movement.

6 Heat Transfer by Radiation.

7 Design Model for Steady-State Room Heat Exchange.

8 Moisture Movement in Rooms.

9 Solar Heating.

10 The Wall with Lumped Elements.

11 Wall Conduction Transfer Coefficients for a Discretised System.

12 The Fourier Continuity Equation in One Dimension.

13 Analytical Transient Models for Step Excitation.

14 Simple Models for Room Response.

15 Wall Parameters for Periodic Excitation.

16 Frequency-Domain Models for Room Response.

17 Wall Conduction Transfer Coefficients for a Layered System.

18 Accuracy of Temperature Estimates Using Transfer Coefficients.

19 Room Thermal Response Using Transfer Coefficients.

Principal Notation.