The Business of Event Planning: Behind-the-ScenesSecrets of Successful Special Events
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More About This Title The Business of Event Planning: Behind-the-ScenesSecrets of Successful Special Events


Practical tools and expert advice for professional event planners

Before planning an event, there is much that must be done behind the scenes to make the event successful. Before any thought is even given to timing or location of the event, before the menus are selected and the decor designed, there are proposals to be written, fees and contracts to be negotiated, and safety issues to be considered. This book takes you behind the scenes of event planning and explains every aspect of organizing and strategic planning. This book will be of value to both the professional event planner and to clients who are dealing with planners.

Its comprehensive coverage includes: how to prepare winning proposals, and how to understand them if you are the client; how to determine management fees; negotiating contracts; safety issues; designing events in multicultural settings; and new technology that makes operations more efficient (such as online registration and response management, database project management tools). The book also includes practical tools such as sample letters of agreement, sample layouts for client proposals, forms, and checklists. Professional event planner Judy Allen offers first-time or professional event planners all the top-class advice they need to make their special events come off without a hitch.


Judy Allen is one of the world's leading authorities on staging, event and lifestyle design and the bestselling author of ten books for the professional, business and consumer markets. Allen, a master of creative design, has flawlessly executed successful special events-corporate, social, and celebrity-for up to 2,000 guests at a time in more than 30 countries around the world. She has designed and produced memorable events such as Disney's worldwide theatrical opening-night gala for Beauty and the Beast, and the orchestration of Oscar-winning director Norman Jewison's 25th anniversary celebration for Fiddler on the Roof.
Highly skilled in staging events that are strategically designed to be one-of-kind experiences and a master of transforming the energy of an event environment by engaging the senses with trademark primary design principles, Allen has worked closely with CEOs, CFOs, presidents and their executive staff around the globe to create, implement and oversee their corporate and social business events.
The many diverse events that Allen has designed and executed extend from complex one-day events to elaborate arrangements of theme productions taking place over the course of a week. These events ranged from very exclusive VIP events to multimillion-dollar, multimedia fantasy extravaganzas including seven new-car product launches and involved high-tech stage and show productions.
Allen, and her 2jproductions ( partner, Joe Shane, are now bringing their dynamic creative energy, innovative style and perceptive insight to home, life and lifestyle design and world class resorts around the world through Sensual Home LivingTM ( and other initiatives.




Chapter 1: The Strategic Planning of Event Design.

External Objectives.

Internal Objectives.

Day One Client Itinerary.

Day Two Client Itinerary.

Day Three Client Itinerary.

Day Four Client Itinerary.

Day Five Client Itinerary.

Day Six Client Itinerary.

Day Seven Client Itinerary.

Chapter 2: Preparing the Proposal.

The Proposal Request.

The Qualification Meeting.

The Proposal.

Proposal Preparation: The Initial Steps.

Making Contact With Key Suppliers.

Proposal Preparation.

Chapter 3: The Body of the Proposal.

Cover Letter.

Destination Review.

Transportation Requirements.

Hotel Information.

Day-by-Day Detailed Itinerary.


Cost Summary Sheet.

Detailed Program Inclusions.

Program Options and Enhancements.

Company Profile.


Backup Material.

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 4: Management Fees.

Four Types of Fees.

Chapter 5: Contractual Negotiations With Suppliers.

Negotiating With Suppliers.

Chapter 6: Client Contracts.

The Three Rules of Contracts.

Areas Covered in the Client Contract.


Liability and Responsibility.

Dates and Other Details.

Food and Beverage Hazards.

Technical Riders and Other Requirements.

Doing Your Homework.

Chapter 7: Safety and Security.

Travel Information.

Checklists for Out of Town Events.

Ensuring Client Safety.

Other Safety Issues.

New Areas of Consideration for Safety and Security.

Chapter 8: Event Planning Technology Tools and Emerging Trends.

Event Planning Technology Options.

Chapter 9: Multicultural and Foreign Event Planning.

Local Customs, Protocol and Etiquette.

Religious Beliefs.

Local Cultural and Political Matters.

Chapter 10: Event and Program Branding.

Establishing a Brand.

The Branded Image.

Program Branding.

The Branding Commitment.

Protecting the Client's Image and Standards.

Chapter 11: Conclusion.


Sample Proposal/Senior Management.

Sample Proposal/Incentive Sales Group.



"The Business of Event Planning is a must-read for those in the event planning business. Strategic in through and design and user-friendly in presentation, it literally tells you the paths to follow and the pitfalls to avoid. Well told, with examples to follow and stories to relate to, it's the 'how-to' that's a 'must-do' for the meetings, incentive, and event planning industry."
Peggy Whitman, President, Society of Incentive & Travel Executives; and Western Regional Sales Director, Marriott Incentive Awards

"As more and more administrative professionals are assigned meeting planning responsibilities, there needs to be an easy-to-understand, fool-proof, quick read by someone who has been there and done it successfully. Written for anyone who has to prepare dynamite meetings and special events, The Business of Event Planning is your Bible and a must-have desktop reference. Thank, Judy Allen! You saved the day!"
Susan Fenner Ph.D., Manager, Education and Professional Development, International Association of Administration Professionals (IAAP)

"Guidance for new planners, reminders for experienced ones, and useful tips for everyone. This book has it all! It's the key that unlocks the mystery behind event planning, and should be mandatory reading for planners everywhere."
Leslie McNabb, Senior Manager Event Planning, Scotia Capital


"Allen is a good teacher. Wise planners will add Event Planning to their personal reference library as a useful working guide."
Meeting Professional Magazine

"A blueprint for executing events for 50 or 2,000, with budgets of a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands."
Success Magazine

"Event Planning gives readers a blueprint for planning and executing special events with flair. Consider the book as preventative maintenance."
Sales Promotion Magazine

"A guide to well planned events. Event Planning is a must for any PR maven."
Marketing Magazine