Gravel-bed Rivers - Processes, Tools, Environments
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More About This Title Gravel-bed Rivers - Processes, Tools, Environments


Gravel-Bed Rivers: Processes, Tools, Environments presents a definitive review of current knowledge of gravel-bed rivers, derived from the 7th International Gravel-bed Rivers Workshop, the 5-yearly meeting of the world’s leading authorities in the field.

Each chapter in the book has been specifically commissioned to represent areas in which recent progress has been made in the field. The topics covered also represent a coherent progression through the principal areas of the subject (hydraulics; sediment transport; river morphology; tools and methods; applications of science).

  • Definitive review of the current knowledge of gravel-bed rivers
  • Coverage of both fundamental and applied topics
  • Edited by leading academics with contributions from key researchers
  • Thoroughly edited for quality and consistency to provide coherent and logical progression through the principal areas of the subject.


Gravel-Bed Rivers: Processes, Tools, Environments provides an up-to-date report of the state of the field and serves as an essential resource for river engineers and ecologists, geomorphologists, river managers and advanced students in these fields.


List of Contributing Authors ix

Preface  xv


1 Secondary Flows in Rivers: Theoretical Framework, Recent Advances, and Current Challenges, Vladimir Nikora and Andre´G.Roy 3

2 Secondary Flows in Rivers: The Effect of Complex Geometry, Bruce MacVicar  23

3 Aspects of Secondary Flow in Open Channels: A Critical Literature Review, Athanasios (Thanos) N. Papanicolaou   31


4 Gravel Transport in Granular Perspective, Philippe Frey and Michael Church  39

5 On Gravel Exchange in Natural Channels, Judith K. Haschenburger  56


6 Morphodynamics of Bars in Gravel-bed Rivers: Bridging Analytical Models and Field Observations, Guido Zolezzi, Walter Bertoldi, and Marco Tubino  71

7 Field Observations of Gravel-bed River Morphodynamics: Perspectives and Critical Issues for Testing of Models, Nicola Surian  90

8 Morphodynamics of Bars in Gravel-bed Rivers: Coupling Hydraulic Geometry and Analytical Models, Robert G. Millar  96

9 Modelling Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics of Gravel-bed Rivers, Erik Mosselman  101

10 The Potential of using High-resolution Process Models to Inform Parameterizations of Morphodynamic Models, Richard J. Hardy  116

11 The Importance of Off-channel Sediment Storage in 1-D Morphodynamic Modelling, J. Wesley Lauer  123


12 Stream Restoration in Gravel-bed Rivers, Peter R. Wilcock  137

13 River Restoration: Widening Perspectives, Nicholas J. Clifford  150

14 Restoring Geomorphic Resilience in Streams, Noah P. Snyder 160

15 The Geomorphic Response of Gravel-bed Rivers to Dams: Perspectives and Prospects, Gordon E. Grant  165

16 Mitigating Downstream Effects of Dams, David Gaeuman  182


17 River Geomorphology and Salmonid Habitat: Some Examples Illustrating their Complex Association, from Redd to Riverscape Scales, Michel Lapointe 193

18 Incorporating Spatial Context into the Analysis of Salmonid–Habitat Relations, Christian E. Torgersen, Colden V. Baxter, Joseph L. Ebersole, and Robert E. Gresswell  216

19 Animals and the Geomorphology of Gravel-bed Rivers, Stephen P. Rice, Matthew F. Johnson, and Ian Reid  225

20 Geomorphology and Gravel-bed River Ecosystem Services: Workshop Outcomes, Normand Bergeron and Joanna Eyquem  242


21 Remote Sensing of the Hydraulic Environment in Gravel-bed Rivers, W. Andrew Marcus  261

22 LiDAR and ADCP Use in Gravel-bed Rivers: Advances Since GBR6, David J. Milan and George L. Heritage 286

23 Remotely Sensed Topographic Change in Gravel Riverbeds with Flowing Channels, D. Murray Hicks  303

24 Modern Digital Instruments and Techniques for Hydrodynamic and Morphologic Characterization of River Channels, Marian Muste, Dongsu Kim, and Venkatesh Merwade  315

25 Mapping Water and Sediment Flux Distributions in Gravel-bed Rivers Using ADCPs, Colin D. Rennie  342


26 Recent Advances in the Dynamics of Steep Channels, Francesco Comiti and Luca Mao  353

27 Examining Individual Step Stability within Step-pool Sequences, Joanna Crowe Curran 378

28 Alluvial Steep Channels: Flow Resistance, Bedload Transport Prediction, and Transition to Debris Flows, Dieter Rickenmann  386


29 Semi-alluvial Channels and Sediment-Flux-Driven Bedrock Erosion, Jens M. Turowski  401

30 Transport Capacity, Bedrock Exposure, and Process Domains, Thomas E. Lisle  419

31 Nomenclature, Complexity, Semi-alluvial Channels and Sediment-flux-driven Bedrock Erosion, Lyubov V. Meshkova, Paul A. Carling, and Thomas Buffin-Be´langer  424


32 Changes in Channel Morphology Over Human Time Scales, John M. Buffington  435

33 Channel Response and Recovery to Changes in Sediment Supply, Marwan A. Hassan and Andre´ E. Zimmermann 464

34 Alluvial Landscape Evolution: What Do We Know About Metamorphosis of Gravel-bed Meandering and Braided Streams?, Franc¸ois Me´tivier and Laurie Barrier  474

35 Differences in Sediment Supply to Braided and Single-Thread River Channels: What Do the Data Tell Us?, John Pitlick, Erich R. Mueller, and Catalina Segura  502

36 Can We Link Cause and Effect in Landscape Evolution?, Thomas J. Coulthard and Marco J. Van De Wiel  512


37 River-Ice Effects on Gravel-Bed Channels, Robert Ettema and Edward W. Kempema  525

38 Is There a Northern Signature on Fluvial Form?, James P. McNamara  541

39 Long-term and Large-scale River-ice Processes in Cold-region Watersheds, Etienne Boucher, Yves Be´gin, Dominique Arseneault, and Taha B.M.J. Ouarda 546



“I highly recommend the landmark and very accessible book Gravel Bed Rivers: Processes, Tools, Environments edited by Michael Church, Pascale Biron, and André Roy, to any river engineers, geomorphologists, environmental groups, policy makers, industry leaders, river managers, and advanced students who are seeking a complete overview of the latest knowledge in the processes, tools, and environments of gravel-bed rivers. This book provides the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of information and research available, and is definitely a landmark publication.”  (Blog Business World, 7 February 2012)