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The 4th edition of Viral Hepatitis covers comprehensively the entire complex field of infections caused by all of the different hepatitis viruses, which affect many millions of people throughout the world with considerable morbidity and mortality.

Howard Thomas and Arie Zuckerman are joined by Anna Lok from the USA and Stephen Locarnini from Australia as Editors.  They have recruited leading researchers and physicians from many countries, who have produced an authoritative account of current knowledge and research on this important infection, including new insights into immune response to HBV and HCV. 

The result is a comprehensive account on all aspects of viral hepatitis, including rapid advances in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of a complex infection, which in the case of hepatitis B, C and D may lead to severe complications including chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.

The latest edition of Viral Hepatitis offers an essential resource of current information for hepatologists, gastroenterologists, infectious diseases specialists and other clinicians, researchers, public health physicians and National and International Health Authorities.


Arie Zuckerman is chair of the Hepatitis B Foundation UK. He was the Director of?WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Viral Hepatitis from 1974-1989 and 1990-2006. He was also?Principal and Dean of the Royal Free and University College Medical School and Principal and Dean of the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.

Howard Thomas?is Vice President of British Liver Trust, 1993-present and Hepatitis B Foundation — Trustee, 2005-present. He was also President of British Association for the Study of the Liver 1996-1998.

Anna Lok is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of Clinical Hepatology at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Her contributions include:?hepatitis B's?role in infection, treatment of hepatitis-induced diseases, development?of?cost-effective methods for preventing recurrent hep B infection following liver transplantation, and long-term effects of interferon treatment in patients with hep C.

Stephen Locarnini's research group is composed of: molecular diagnostics, new drug targets in HBV and molecular pathogenesis. Stephen is also the Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Virus Reference and Research at the VIDRL.


Contributors vii

Preface xii

Section I: Introduction to Liver Biology

1 Liver regeneration and fibrosis 3
Stuart J. Forbes and Malcolm R. Alison

2 Hepatic immunology 13
Gyongyi Szabo and Johanna Bruneau

Section II: Hepatitis A Virus

3 Structure molecular virology natural history and experimental models 29
Gerardo Kaplan, Krishnamurthy Konduru, Mohanraj Manangeeswaran, Jerome Jacques, Nadia Amharref and Siham Nakamura

4 Epidemiology and prevention 43
Benjamin Cowie and Stephen A. Locarnini

Section III: Hepatitis B Virus and Other Hepadnaviridae

5 Structure and molecular virology 65
Souphalone Luangsay and Fabien Zoulim

6 Epidemiology and prevention 81
Philip R. Spradling, Dale J. Hu, and Brian J. McMahon

7 Other Hepadnaviridae (including Avihepadnaviridae and woodchuck hepatitis viruses) 96
Stephen A. Locarnini and Michael Roggendorf

8 Molecular variants of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) 107
Seyed Mohammad, Jazayeri Seyed, Moayed Alavian, Payam Dindoost, Howard C. Thomas and Peter Karayiannis

9 Molecular variants of the precore core and core promoter regions of hepatitis B virus and their clinical significance 127
Peter Karayiannis, William F. Carman and Howard C. Thomas

10 Natural history of chronic hepatitis B virus infection 143
Yun-Fan Liaw

11 Extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis B infection 154
Christian Trépo, Majid Amiri and Loïc Guillevin

12 Hepatocellular carcinoma: Molecular aspects in hepatitis B 163
Marie Annick Buendia and Pierre Tiollais

13 Murine models and human studies of pathogenesis of chronic hepatitis B 176
Juandy Jo, Anthony Tanoto Tan and Antonio Bertoletti

14 Treatment of hepatitis B 188
Hellan K. Kwon and Annfca S.F. Lok

15 Liver transplantation for chronic hepatitis B and C 203
Ed Gane

Section IV: Hepatitis C Virus

16 Structure and molecular virology 221
Michael J. McGarvey and Michael Houghton

17 Epidemiology and prevention 246
Josep Quer and Juan I. Esteban Mur

18 The immune response to HCV in acute and chronic infection 266
Robert Thimme and Salim I. Khakoo

19 Animal models of hepatitis C virus infection 280
Patrizia Farci and Jens Bukh

20 Extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis C virus infection 295
Benjamin Maasoumy, Michael P. Manns and Markus Cornberg

21 Central nervous system complications of hepatitis C virus infection 310
Daniel M. Forton, Simon Taylor-Robinson, Markus Gess and Howard C. Thomas

22 In vitro replication models 325
Volker Lohmann, Sandra Bühler and Ralf Bartenschlager

23 Natural history of chronic HCV infection and non-invasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis 341
Laurent Castera

24 Hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma 353
Hubert E. Blum

25 Treatment of hepatitis C 362
Christoph Welsch and Stefan Zeuzem Thomas—Viral Hepatitis

26 Development of anti-HCV drugs 377
Esperance Schaefer and Raymond T. Chung

Section V: Hepatitis D Virus

27 Structure and molecular virology 395
Francesco Negro

28 Epidemiology and natural history 403
Heiner Wedemeyer, Svenja Hardtke and Michael P. Manns

29 Treatment of hepatitis D 410
Alessia Ciancio and Mario Rizzetto

Section VI: Hepatitis E Virus

30 Structure and molecular virology 419
Xiang-Jin Meng

31 Epidemiology experimental models and prevention: zoonotic aspects of hepatitis E 431
Subrat Kumar Panda and Satya Pavan Kumar Varma

32 Clinical and pathological features and diagnosis 442
Cyril Sieberhagen and Matthew E. Cramp

Section VII: Clinical Aspects of Viral Liver Disease

33 Clinical and diagnostic aspects of viral hepatitis 453
Cui Li Lin, Chelsea Q. Xu and Jack R. Wands

34 Treatment of acute hepatitis severe acute hepatitis and acute liver failure 468
Hans L. Tillmann and Alastair D. Smith

35 Hepatitis and hemophilia 486
Mike Makris and Geoffrey Dusheiko

36 Hepatitis in persons infected with HIV 494
Janice Main and Brendan McCarron

37 Migration hepatitis B and hepatitis C 506
Manuel Carballo, Rowan Cody and Megan Kelly

38 Occupational aspects of hepatitis 515
William L. Irving and Fortune Ncube

39 Neonatal and pediatric infection 529
Deirdre A. Kelly and C.Y. William Tong

40 Management of hepatocellular carcinoma 544
Massimo Iavarone and Massimo Colombo

41 Application of molecular biology to the diagnosis of viral hepatitis 552
Stéphane Chevaliez, Christophe Rodriguez and Jean-Michel Pawlotsky

42 Disinfection and sterilization 564
Martin S. Favero and Walter W. Bond

43 Evolution of hepatitis viruses 575
Peter Simmonds and Donald B. Smith

Index 587

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