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Airport Interiors provides essential background into the development of the airport business and the design of its interior spaces, whether it is through the masterplanning of circulation spaces or interior finishes. The book explains how the global airport market developed and why; who the main architectural influences are; and how interiors have made a commercial difference to how airports are regarded by their operators. The book also explains the financial effects of post 9/11 on today’s airports in the USA, Europe and the Far East, and why airport operators are looking to the internal spaces as their greatest business asset. Lusciously illustrated Airport Interiors is highly attractive to anyone interested in design.


Steve Thomas-Emberson has been writing on architecture, design and communications since 1986. Prior to that he was Head of Corporate Development at the Carter Design Group. His first book The Future of Packaging was published by The Financial Times in 2001, this was followed by the publication Bar Futures in 2003. He has contributed to several architecture and design publications, as well as writing for some of the airport industry’s leading trade magazines. He lives in Leicestershire with his daughter.


Passengers and Airports.

Passengers, Meeters and Greeters.

International Hub Airports.

Major National Airports.

The Rise of Regional Airports.

Architecture and Design.

Airport Signage.

Sense of Place Design.

Architectural Enhancement.

Seating Design.

Lighting Design.

Ceiling Design.


Airport Branding.

Retail and Commercial Masterplanning.

Developing The Retail Mix.

Airport Shop Design and Retail Practices.

Transferring the Grand.

Duty Free.

The Role of the Airport Operator.

Food and Beverage.

Designing for the Airport Food Market.

From High Street to Airport.

Airport Bar Design.

Embedding a Braded Bar Design.

Leisure and Wellbeing.

Wellbeing: An Airline's Answer.

Branding and Design of Wellbeing Clinics.

Design for Business Lounges.

Luxury Brands.

Projecting and Enhancing a Luxury Brand.

The Luxury Brands Shopping Center.

A Truly English Luxury Brands.

A Chinese Luxury Brand.

Securing Luxury.


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