The Outside Edge - How Outsiders Can Succeed in aWorld Made by Insiders
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More About This Title The Outside Edge - How Outsiders Can Succeed in aWorld Made by Insiders


The brand new book from the international bestselling self-help author

Robert Kelsey's internationally bestselling self-help books have helped tens of thousands of people overcome fear of failure and under confidence. Now Robert is back and is here to debunk the ever pervasive myths around the trail-blazing rebel outsider....

Our culture celebrates outsiders while – in reality – slamming the door in their face. The modern world craves innovation while alienating original thinkers. It encourages creativity while shutting-out all but a privileged few from individualistic expression. What a waste!

Yet achieving great things as a genuine outsider is possible. Outsiders can find their own way – succeeding without compromising their individuality. They just need to forge an edge.

The Outside Edge is all about learning to harness the unique vantage point you possess in order to give yourself the edge required to succeed. It will show you when to embrace your outsider status and go against convention, and when to play the game, do as the insiders do and make sure you can get progress. Think of The Outside Edge as a manual for positively directing your insecurity, awkwardness and role-confusion – towards a meaningful future, shaped and pursued on your own terms.

By getting The Outside Edge you can:

  • Identity and understand the causes of feeling like an "outsider"
  • Accept yourself while focusing on "finding meaning" for your life
  • Motivate yourself using strong goals, often harnessing creativity
  • Acquire the skills needed to succeed on your own terms
  • Avoid pitfalls such as poor judgement, negativity and extremism.


Robert Kelsey is author of Capstone's bestselling What's Stopping You? exploring why smart people failed to reach their potential. He has gone on to sell over 64,000 copies across three What's Stopping You? titles.
Robert Kelsey is CEO of Moorgate Communications, a financial PR agency, and was previously CEO of Metrocube, a start-up incubator located in London's fashionable "City-fringes". He trained as a financial journalist before becoming an investment banker and a now an entrepreneur, running his successful PR agency.
Yet Kelsey remains and perennial outsider. From a rebellious childhood to an adulthood of pursuing a series of unsuitable careers, he has had a lifetime of failing to settle into any group activities, yet lacking the confidence, guile or know-how to profitably "rebel". Kelsey has developed an enormous insight into both the root causes of alienation and the all-encompassing negative consequences.


Introduction: Debunking the Outsider Myth 1

Part One: The Making of an Outsider 11

1 The Misfits 13

2 The Crisis of Identity 25

3 Adolescence, Family and Opportunity 35

4 Existentialism and the Need for a Purpose 47

Part Two: The Rebel with a Cause 59

5 Finding Meaning 61

6 The Pursuit of Excellence 73

7 The Entrepreneurial Spirit 83

Part Three: Edge Ahead 95

8 Developing Our Creativity 97

9 Learning to Pitch 109

10 Getting Strategic 121

11 Using Judgement 133

Part Four: The Wrong Voices 145

12 Avoiding Negativity 147

13 The Danger of Extremism 159

14 Utilizing (Constructive) Sociopathy 171

Conclusion: An Extraordinary Vantage Point 183

10 Rules for Outsiders to Obey 191

Bibliography 195

About Robert Kelsey 201

Index 203


"Kelsey's book is a welcomed dose of realism in the current zeitgeist of counterproductive David vs Goliath thinking of the Malcolm Gladwell variety" (Elite Business, April 2015)