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Great math skills are a head start to lasting success

Teach Your Children Tables is the ultimate guide to improving your child's mathematical abilities. Written by a renowned education expert, this book provides a proven approach to teaching that will help you enable your child to master multiplication tables in less than half an hour, and solve problems like 96 x 97 faster than they could tap it into a calculator! This updated third edition includes new chapters on factors and playing with square numbers, plus tips for learning tables up to fifteen and beyond.

Children will learn that numbers can be fun while they improve their thinking skills, boost their confidence and self esteem, learn problem solving strategies, and set themselves up for lasting educational success.

People who excel at maths are not necessarily more intelligent, they just use better strategies than the rest of us. This book gives you the perspective and the strategies you need to improve your child's understanding of maths, and introduce them to techniques that will have them performing like geniuses! Imagine helping your child:

  • Perform lightning-quick calculations
  • Discover easy methods of multiplication
  • Learn the basic principles of mathematics
  • Have fun playing with numbers

Excellent maths skills present a serious advantage, throughout school and beyond. Children who are good at maths get better grades, higher test scores, and are accepted into better schools. Maths-minded adults are more in demand professionally, in fields that pay better and provide more room for upward mobility. If you could give your child this kind of gift, why wouldn't you? Now you can—Teach Your Children Tables shows you how, and makes it feel like fun.


BILL HANDLEY is recognised as an authority on teaching and study techniques in Australia and overseas. His methods of teaching maths and learning and thinking strategies have achieved astonishing results in schools worldwide.


Preface vii

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction xi

Part I: Learning the method 1

1 Teach your child tables 3

2 Multiplication — getting started 9

3 Using a reference number 17

4 Multiplying numbers above and below the reference number 27

5 Checking your answers 35

6 Multiplication — more about the methods 45

7 A fun mathematical short cut — multiplying by 11 65

8 Factors 75

9 Multiplying using two reference numbers 81

10 Using two reference numbers with factors 97

11 Learning beyond the tables 105

12 Playing with squares 115

13 Direct multiplication 131

Part II: Having fun with numbers 143

14 Solving problems and puzzles 145

15 Alphametics — fun with numbers 161

16 Encyclopaedia salesman puzzle 169

Part III: Solutions and practice sheets 173

Appendix A: Solutions to puzzles in chapter 14 175

Appendix B: Solutions to alphametic problems in chapter 15 187

Appendix C: Solution to encyclopaedia salesman puzzle 201

Appendix D: Practice sheets 205

Appendix E: Why the method works 213

Conclusion 215