Communication Essentials For Dummies
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Get ahead in your personal and professional life with crowd-pleasing communication skills

Packed with advice on improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills alike, Communication Essentials For Dummies is a comprehensive, approachable guide to communication no one should be without. Utilising a core range of simple skills, this friendly guide shows you how easy it is to communicate effectively. You'll find out how to listen actively, establish rapport, communicate with credibility, manage communication in difficult situations and converse with ease using modern technology — and lots more.

Great communication skills can make all the difference in your personal and professional life, but for those who tend to get a bit tongue-tied under pressure or just have a hard time asserting themselves, voicing thoughts coherently and confidently can be a sweat-inducing experience. Here, expert author Elizabeth Kuhnke takes the intimidation out of communication by sharing her top tips for successful communication in any situation.

  • Discover how to get ahead in the workplace by mastering your communication skills
  • Realise the benefits of active listening and the value of establishing rapport
  • Understand how the use of effective communication skills can help you secure a new job offer
  • Recognise how to use effective communication to negotiate your way to personal and professional success

Whether you're looking to climb the corporate ladder, take on a new professional challenge or just want to improve your communication skills in personal and professional relationships, Communication Essentials For Dummies will have you listening, voicing and articulating your way to success in no time.


Elizabeth Kuhnke is an Executive Presence Coach and managing director and founder of Kuhnke Communication — a company that tailors communication coaching programmes and workshops to individuals and teams around the world.


Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Looking at the Finer Points of Great Communication 5

Chapter 2: Knowing What You Want to Achieve 1

Chapter 3: Grasping Different Communication Styles 35

Chapter 4: Listening Actively for Total Understanding 45

Chapter 5: Establishing Rapport for Effective Communication 57

Chapter 6: Choosing the Right Attitude 73

Chapter 7: Speaking with Clarity 87

Chapter 8: Getting Yourself Out of Sticky Situations 101

Chapter 9: Negotiating with Finesse 113

Chapter 10: Communicating Across Cultures 123

Chapter 11: Communicating Successfully through Technology 135

Chapter 12: Ten (Or So) Tips for Effective Communication 149

Index 159