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Steel yourself, your career, and your business against future threats with effective collaboration

From Me to We shows business decision makers how the ability to effectively collaborate for mutual commercial benefit is the solution to future-proofing a business. Smashing the myth of the "Me Economy," this insightful guide explains the model of Commercial Collaboration and the mindset and think-space it requires. Expanding upon Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" premise, this book emphasizes the need for continuous professional evolution and effort, and describes why women hold an important role in effecting change. Ideas are illustrated with examples, and backed by sector-specific research and interviews with business leaders who have seen real-world results of effective business collaboration. The Seven ReConnect Principles outline methods of realizing change, providing readers a way forward that will future-proof themselves, their careers, and their businesses.

Collaboration isn't just a soft skill that's nice to have – it's a vital business practice that affects the bottom line. As the way we do business continues to evolve, collaboration is becoming ever more crucial to steeling an organization against the threats of tomorrow. From Me to We is a practical handbook for more robust business strategy.

  • Learn the key principles at the heart of Commercial Collaboration
  • Discover the value of trusting others in business relationships
  • Become authentically invested in the "We" space
  • Gain the tools to open up to a smarter, savvier way of business thinking

Business leaders and entrepreneurs have the complex responsibility of constant strategic thinking. If those finely tuned minds can be brought together for mutual benefit, the possibilities expand and the rewards can be dramatically amplified. From Me to We helps leaders drive better business, armored against future threats.


JANINE GARNER is the Founder and CEO of LBDGroup (Little Black Dress Group), a community of results-oriented businesswomen and entrepreneurs working collaboratively to drive change and success.


1 There’s an evolution going on 3

2 Change is opportunity 19

3 Bye-bye beige 41

4 The Me economy 51

5 Commercial collaboration: the principles 63

6 ReConnect Principle 1 — Be brave 83

7 ReConnect Principle 2 — Build a diverse network 105

8 ReConnect Principle 3 — Full disclosure 123

9 ReConnect Principle 4 — Disrupt 139

10 ReConnect Principle 5 — Exchange value 153

11 ReConnect Principle 6 — Think bigger 169

12 ReConnect Principle 7 — Sponsor others 185


The Australian Defence Force are ... not only required to do, think and act in a collaborative manner, but are well aware of the benefits of collaboration and of moving from a Me space to a We space. Collaborative thinking is ... inherently rooted at an organisational level.
--Lieutenant-General David Morrison, AO, Chief of Army

If you have been programmed or conditioned by society to believe that success means achieving on your own, you need to realise that no one achieves wealth, happiness, success, long-lasting love or anything else without the guidance and support of others. Innovation starts with collaboration. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without consciously working with people who share in my vision and desired outcomes. You are as successful as the people you are surrounded by and Janine has dedicated her whole working life collaborating with and bringing together like-minded people to ensure continued and sustainable success.
--Layne Beachley, seven-time world champion surfer, speaker and author

Janine gets the challenge, the challenge of getting smart people working together. In From Me to We she offers a plan for creating competitive advantage by collaboration.
--Matt Church, author and founder of Thought Leaders Global

Collaboration is far from a soft skill. It is a bottom-line asset that lifts your team's collective intelligence, increases engagement and drives innovation, providing points of view of risk and opportunities you might otherwise miss.
--Dan Gregory, author and CEO at The Impossible Institute

Great leaders know that we can do more together than we ever can alone. In today's accelerated and competitive world, building strong relationships that are not only mutually rewarding, but commercially smart, is the new imperative. Garner's book will help you do just that.
--Margie Warrell, best-selling author of Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage

What I know is this. When people come together, and they find that place where their ideas and their passions and their values meet--that's where the magic happens. We need to be encouraging more individuals and companies to truly collaborate and land in that place where everybody wins.
Emma Isaacs, CEO, Business Chicks

Commercial collaboration is not a 'nice to do' but the key imperative of our times, and holds the only means to solving complex global problems as well as daily business challenges. Commerical collaboration is the smartest way for us to future-proof our world together. 
--Yamini Naidu, global thought leader in business storytelling

In a decentralised, digital and collaborative economy and environment, we will see an increase in commercial collaboration as people try to maintain lean operations while providing more business solutions. Collaboration also has the benefit of scaling up talent and value propositions.
--Renata Cooper, CEO, Forming Circles

You know you are really collaborating when the question evolves from 'I have this to offer so how big is my slice' to 'We have all the ingredients, so how big do we want this pie to be?' It takes not only self belief, but also courage and unconditional trust in the talent around you to truly experience fearless and generous collaboration.
--Paul Walton, producer and head of production, Princess Pictures

Collaboration is about opening up to new possibilities in life by listening, learning and growing; by sharing with inspiring people who lift you higher, and help change your perspectives through sharing knowledge without compromising core beliefs.
--Louise Agnew, principal, LYFE Planning Pty Ltd

Collaboration is the result of understanding that while knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is empowering.
--Fiona Craig, CEO and founder, Fiona Craig Consulting

The fusion of talents, skills, knowledge and experience expand the opportunity set of all parties involved in the venture. Whether they are individuals, companies, governments, charities, schools or clubs, the partners to a well-structured and precisely purposed commercial collaboration are likely to derive a range of financial and learning benfits as the miracle of mutuality works its magic.
--Stuart Findlay, executive coach

We really IS better than me. To be reminded that whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, this outward, others-focused frame will provide clarity and direction for your to create a future you want to be part of with people you love to work with.
--Rohan Dredge, CEO, New Level Leaders

Collaboration means sharing the gift of yourself to inspire and lift others to a better place.
--Zahrina Robertson, photographer

For true collaboration you must be open to giving as much as receiving; that is when the real magic happens. Realising the power of true collaboration has put my business on another level.
--Alicia Beachley, CEO, April 5

Collaboration with people you like, doing the work you like, the way you like is both fulfilling and power leverage to commercial success.
--Christina Guidotti, speaker and author of How To Have It All

To me, three main things make up collaboration: openness to share (ideas, experience, points of view), leveraging strengths and a commitment to create value from all parties. Collaboration sparks creativity and possibility beyond belief and when done well, produces outcomes and greatness that alone you'd never think was possible.
Blythe Rowe, founder, Human Incite

When you are working within a Me environment, ultimately you are working under the belief that you are the only person with any real ideas of worth. True success comes in the understanding that team ideas drive a business to its peak--when 'We' achieve the dream.
--Kate Stone, CEO, typecast

Collaboration is when you've genuinely got someone's back and they've got yours.
--Michelle Sutherland, employee engagement manager, Hewlett Packard