Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology -Global Perspectives on Research and Practice,Volume 1
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More About This Title Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology -Global Perspectives on Research and Practice,Volume 1


Published in association with the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EAOHP) and the Society for Occupational Health Psychology (SOHP), Contemporary Issues in Occupational Health Psychology is a definitive new series presenting state-of-the-art work by leading academics and practitioners in the field. Topics include workplace health intervention evaluation, economic stress and employee well-being, work-family positive spillover, psychological flexibility, and health at work. Contributors to this first volume include Arnold Bakker, Frank Bond, Maureen Dollard, Leslie Hammer, Robert Karasek, Michiel Kompier, Tahira Probst, Wilmar Schaufeli, Arie Shirom, Robert Sinclair, Toon Taris and Töres Theorell.


DR. JONATHAN HOUDMONT is a Lecturer in Occupational Health Psychology and Director of the Masters in Workplace Health in the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations (I-WHO) at the University of Nottingham, UK. His research interests focus on legal and policy issues in occupational health, and the role of occupational health psychology in education and training. He is Executive Officer of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology.

DR. STAVROULA LEKA is an Associate Professor in Occupational Health Psychology and Director of the Masters in Occupational Health Psychology at I-WHO. Her primary research interests are the application of occupational health and safety knowledge and policy in the workplace, and psychosocial risk management. She is Chair of the Education Forum of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology.


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List of Contributors.


1 A Multilevel Model of Economic Stress and Employee Well-Being (Robert R. Sinclair, Lindsay E. Sears, Tahira Probst, and Mark Zajack).

2 Developing New Ways of Evaluating Organizational-Level Interventions (Karina Nielsen, Raymond Randall, and Karl Bang Christensen).

3 Leadership and Employee Health: A Challenge in the Contemporary Workplace (Töres Theorell, Peggy Bernin, Anna Nyberg, Gabriel Oxenstierna, Julia Romanowska, and Hugo Westerlund).

4 Employee Burnout and Health: Current Knowledge and Future Research Paths (Arie Shirom).

5 Large-Scale Job Stress Interventions: The Dutch Experience (Toon W. Taris, Ingrid van der Wal, and Michiel A. J. Kompier).

6 The Neglected Employees: Work–Life Balance and a Stress Management Intervention Program for Low-Qualifi ed Workers (Christine Busch, Henning Staar, Carl Åborg, Susanne Roscher, and Antje Ducki).

7 Personal Resources and Work Engagement in the Face of Change (Machteld van den Heuvel, Evangelia Demerouti, Arnold B. Bakker, and Wilmar B. Schaufeli).

8 Work and Health: Curvilinearity Matters (Maria Karanika-Murray).

9 Peer Assistance Programs in the Workplace: Social Support Theory and the Provision of Effective Assistance to Employees in Need (Maya Golan, Yael Bacharach, and Peter Bamberger).

10 Individual Adaptation to the Changing Workplace: A Model of Causes, Consequences, and Outcomes (Jane D. Parent).

11 Building Psychosocial Safety Climate: Evaluation of a Socially Coordinated PAR Risk Management Stress Prevention Study (Maureen F. Dollard and Robert A. Karasek).

12 Internet Addiction and the Workplace (Noreen Tehrani).

13 Organizational Culture and Knowledge Management Systems for Promoting Organizational Health and Safety (Dolores Díaz-Cabrera, Estefanía Hernández-Fernaud, Yeray Ramos-Sapena, and Sara Casenave).

14 Work–Family Positive Spillover: Where Have We Been and What Lies Ahead? (Kristi L. Zimmerman and Leslie B. Hammer).

15 The Impact of Psychological Flexibility and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on Health and Productivity at Work (Frank W. Bond, Paul E. Flaxman, Marc J. P. M. van Veldhoven, and Michal Biron).

16 Corporate Social Responsibility and Psychosocial Risk Management (Stavroula Leka, Gerard Zwetsloot, and Aditya Jain).

17 Risk Factors, Consequences, and Management of Aggression in Healthcare Environments (Benjamin Brooks, Alice Staniford, Maureen Dollard, and Richard J. Wiseman).

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"Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections in business, health, and psychology." (Choice, 1 March 2011)

"Though, as may be expected, some chapters are stronger as a review than others, this first volume of a series on contemporary OHP by Nottingham University and Wiley-Blackwell is a commendable initiative." (Scandinavian Journal of Work, 2011)

‘With this volume, Houdmont and Leka have made an impressive start to what is likely to be a highly influential research series in the field of occupational health psychology. Both established and emerging topics are covered in a volume that will be of considerable interest to both researchers and practitioners.’
E. Kevin Kelloway, Ph.D, Canada Research Chair In Occupational Health Psychology

‘This first volume on contemporary occupational health psychology presents a comprehensive coverage of topics which are highly salient to psycho-social health and well-being, along with critical reviews and discussion of the research in this field. Chapters have been written by various scholars, many of whom have widespread international recognition. The book will be a valuable reference source for researchers, practitioners and students of occupational health psychology.’
Michael P. O’Driscoll, Professor of Psychology, University of Waikato, New Zealand

"The inaugural volume of Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology lives up to its name and goals. The editors should be commended for assembling a collection of chapters that are truly global in scope and address a wide variety of timely issues in the field. As well as academic scholars and graduate students, this new series will interest practitioners who want to keep abreast of advances in OHP that can inform science-based practice. The Society for Occupational Health Psychology is proud to be associated with it, and we look forward to future volumes as the scientific knowledge base of our field continues to develop.’
Janet Barnes-Farrell, President, Society for Occupational Health Psychology, and Professor of Psychology, University of Connecticut, USA

‘Jonathan Houdmont and Stravroula Leka have done a great job with this book! They have assembled a set of leading scholars who discuss critical occupational health issues in the 21st century workplace. I was particularly impressed with how the book presents state-of-the-art discussions of Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) theory, research, and practice in an accessible format that is perfect for students and professionals who are new to OHP. There is no other book quite like it in the field and I would absolutely use it in one of my classes.’
Bob Sinclair, Ph.D., Clemson University, USA, and Founding Member and Past President of Society for Occupational Health Psychology