The Fine Art of Success - How Learning Great ArtCan Create Great Business
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More About This Title The Fine Art of Success - How Learning Great ArtCan Create Great Business


You've read about Jack Welch, Lou Gerstner and Steve Jobs - but what can you learn about business from van Gogh and Picasso?

The Fine Art of Success shows why you should look to pop-stars like Madonna or artists like Damian Hirst for guidance on innovation, competitive advantage, leadership, and a host of other business issues.

Managers, marketing professionals, and students will see how these creative artists can help their organizations. Chapters include Madonna - Strategy at the dance floor; Damian Hirst - The shark is dead/How to build yourself a new market; Beuys – Understanding creativity, is every manager an artist; Picasso – Art lessons for global managers; Koons – Made in Heaven produced on eart; and Paik – Global Groove, innovation through juxtaposition.

With controversial ideas, fascinating facts and memorable examples, The Fine Art of Success delivers business lessons that you'll be eager to apply.


JAMIE ANDERSON is jointly Professor in Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School and the Lorange Institute in Switzerland, and visiting lecturer at London Business School. His articles have appeared in publications such as California Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Jamie has developed executive programs focused on strategy and innovation for many Fortune 500 companies, and is a best-selling case author.

JÖRG RECKHENRICH is artist and founder of Art-Thinking Consulting, and Professor of Innovation and Creativity at the Lorange Institute, Switzerland. He is also visiting lecturer at London Business School and ESMT Berlin. Named as one of the ‘Top 25 Management Thinkers of the year' by the management journal ‘Business Strategy Review', Jörg works with many prominent international firms. He has developed a tool for evaluating the creativity of top-level management in large corporations that has been adopted by a leading executive search firm.

MARTIN KUPP is a program director and member of the faculty at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Berlin. His research interests focus on strategic innovation, corporate creativity and competitive strategy. Martin has widely published in journals like California Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Business Strategy Review, Wall Street Journal, Rotman Magazine and the Economic Times of India. Martin has designed and taught on executive education programs for many multinational corporations like Allianz, Coca-Cola, MAN, Metro, Rosatom, Siemens, and ThyssenKrupp. He is an award winning case author, and conducts seminars on the writing and teaching of case studies at academic institutions around the world.


Foreword (Costas Markides).


About the Authors.

1 Madonna
Strategy on the Dance Floor.

2 Titian
Master and Intruder: Historical Perspectives on Strategic Innovation in the Venetian Art Market of the 16th Century.

3 Hirst
The Shark is Dead – How to Build Yourself a New Market.

4 Beuys
Understanding Creativity – Is Every Manager an Artist?

5 Picasso, van Gogh & Gauguin
Art Lessons for Global Managers.

6 Koons
Made in Heaven, Produced on Earth: Creative Leadership – The Art of Projection.

7 Paik
Global Groove – Innovation through Juxtaposition.

8 Interview with Gerrit Gohlke, artnet.