The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization 4 V Set
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The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is a comprehensive reference work on the history and impact of Christianity. Over 1,400 entries provide an in-depth and dynamic look at Christianity both through its history and the way it has shaped societies around the world. Through a clear and attractive format, a series of interlocking major themes is explored, including: key theological ideas; global and regional history; worship; society and Christianity; literature; music; art; architecture; education; politics; law, and scholarship. Uniting these themes is an understanding of Christianity as a truly global phenomenon with strong denominational and regional identities.

The entries are written by a team of over 350 scholars and teachers from over 24 countries. Together they present a wealth of current research in a clear, concise, and attractive format. The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is an essential reference for students, researchers, academics, and practitioners.


George Thomas Kurian is the President of the Encyclopedia Society. He is the editor of 60 highly successful reference works including 27 encyclopedias, including The World Christian Encyclopedia, Nelson's New Christian Dictionary, The Encyclopedia of the First World, and The Encyclopedia of the Third World.

Editorial Board:

  • George Giacumakis, California State University, Irvine
  • Fergus Kerr, Regent, Blackfriars; and Edinburgh University
  • Frederick Norris, Emmanuel School of Religion
  • Alvin Schmidt, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Illinois College


Thematic List of Entries viii

List of Illustrations xxxvi

List of Maps xxxix

List of Boxes xl

About the Editor and Editorial Board xli

Notes on Contributors xlii

Preface lxxix

Introductory Maps lxxxi

Introduction: Overview of the Christian world lxxxv

Volume I: A–D 1

Volume II: E–L 745

Volume III: M–R 1405

Volume IV: S–Z 2037


1. Chronology of Christian Music 2563

2. English Versions of the Bible 2569

3. Chronology of the Electronic Church 2571

4. World Council of Churches Membership 2573

5. Popes of the Roman Catholic Church 2577

6. Patron Saints of the Roman Catholic Church 2583

7. Feast Days of Saints and Other Notables of the Church 2587

8. Liturgical Books 2593

9. Major Creeds of the Christian Church 2597

10. Comparative Denominational Chart 2599

11. Historical Statistics of the Christian Church 2601
Todd M. Johnson

Acknowledgments 2607

List of Abbreviations 2613

Bibliography 2615

Index of Entries by Author 2621

Index 2637


“It will remain a standard work for many decades and should be seriously considered for addition to any reference collection which covers religion, world history, literature or human social development.”  (Reference Reviews, 27 April 2013)

“[A] magisterial and welcome four-volume set. It features 1,400-plus entries and provides a trove of valuable information in an extremely easy-to-use format. This work provides readers with an excellent place to start their research … Overall, the essays, from more than 350 contributors, are of excellent quality throughout. The breadth of the work is impressive; it is nicely laid out with a thematic list of contents … Included are articles on chronological history, geography, denominations, and biography. Interpretive essays delve substantially into key issues, events, places, concepts, and ideas that have driven Christianity over the centuries … Summing up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and general readers.”CHOICE

The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is a core addition that is fundamental to any personal, professional, academic, or community library Christian Studies reference book collection.” Midwest Book Review