Scholarship in the Postmodern Era: New Venues, New Values, New Visions: New Directions for Teachingand Learning #90
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More About This Title Scholarship in the Postmodern Era: New Venues, New Values, New Visions: New Directions for Teachingand Learning #90


A little over a decade ago, Ernest Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered burst upon the academic scene, igniting a robust national conversation that maintains its vitality to this day. This volume aims at advancing that important conversation. Its first section focuses on the new settings and circumstances in which the act of scholarship is being played out; its second identifies and explores the fresh set of values currently informing today's scholarly practices; and its third looks to the future of scholarship, identifying trends, causative factors, and potentialities that promise to shape scholars and their scholarship in the new millennium. One of the greatest legacies of Scholarship Reconsidered is the advocacy of a more holistic and humane approach to promoting, evaluating, and rewarding scholarship. This volume hopes to help nurture that legacy.

This is the 90th volume of the quarterly journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning.


KENNETH J. ZAHORSKI is professor of English and director of faculty development at St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin.


EDITOR'S NOTES (Kenneth J. Zahorski).

PART ONE: New Venues.

1. Beyond Scholarship Reconsidered: Toward an Enlarged Vision of the Scholarly Work of Faculty Members (R. Eugene Rice).

2. Transforming the Scholarly Process Through Information Technology (Wallace Hannum).

3. Nurturing Scholarship Through Holistic Faculty Development: A Synergistic Approach (Kenneth J. Zahorski).

PART TWO: New Values.

4. New Conceptions of Scholarship for a New Generation of Faculty Members (Mary Deane Sorcinelli).

5. Engendering Trust Through Institutional Policies and Practices (Ann F. Lucas).

6. The Soul of Scholarship (Kina S. Mallard).

PART THREE: New Visions.

7. Defining Scholarship for the Twenty-First Century (Robert M. Diamond).

8. Student-Faculty Collaborations, Undergraduate Research, and Collaboration as an Administrative Model (Ronald L. Dotterer).

9. Nurturing an Ethos of Community Engagement (Jerry Berberet).