After The Rising & Before The Fall: Two-Books-In-One
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More About This Title After The Rising & Before The Fall: Two-Books-In-One


This is a special edition of Orna Ross's first two novels. For a limited time only, get both books in one.


In 1923, Dan O’Donovan, a young soldier, was lured to his death in the notorious sinking sands that surround the small Irish village of Mucknamore.

Now, in 1995, Jo Devereux has returned home to Ireland, needing to know more about this "War of The Brothers” and the secrets that haunted her childhood.

Jo’s life in California has come to a full stop and she knows that if she wants to move forward, she’s going to have to go back.

Settling down in a makeshift shed overlooking the ocean with a suitcase of old family letters and journals, Jo uncovers astonishing truths about Dan’s death. Truths about her mother and grandmother that have ricocheted across four generations and are igniting again the passionate conflicts of her youth, bringing her back into contact with Rory O’Donovan, Dan’s great-nephew.

As Jo negotiates a shifting landscape of love, loss and revenge, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about her family – and her own choices.