Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015: No Experience Required: Autodesk Official Press
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More About This Title Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015: No Experience Required: Autodesk Official Press


Learn Revit Architecture the hands-on way

For those who like to learn by doing, this Autodesk Official Press book shows you how to build a four-story office building one step at a time, providing you with real-world practice you might expect to encounter on the job. Concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and an engaging hands-on tutorial make this book the perfect way to learn Revit Architecture. In addition, you can download starting files for each chapter from the website in order to compare your work to the authors, or start fresh with any chapter in the book.

Expert author Eric Wing first introduces the interface and Revit conventions, and then moves directly into building modeling. You'll learn to place walls, doors, and windows, work with structural grids, beams, and foundations; add text and dimensions, and use dimensions as a design tool. As the building takes shape, you'll discover how to generate construction documentation, create schedules, work with families, consider site issues, and use Revit's rendering capabilities. Here are some of the skills you can acquire from this book:

  • Understanding Revit's interface, views, and grids
  • Creating and editing roofs, railings, stairs, and ceilings
  • Generating documentation and construction schedules
  • Using advanced features like creating hosted families, system families, and formulas

Autodesk Revit Architecture: No Experience Required is a completely self-paced guide. You can work along with the tutorial from cover to cover or jump in anywhere. No matter how you use this book, you'll be able to transfer the useful concepts to your professional practice.


Eric Wing is the Building Information Modeling manager at a New York engineering firm, director of the Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) Training Program, author of four books, and Revit columnist for AUGIWorld Magazine as well as AUGI HotNews and ConnectPress. Eric is an Autodesk Certified Instructor and popular speaker at Autodesk University, presenting to groups of 500–1000 Revit users at each of his three AU sessions, and also frequently speaks at other industry events, including American Institute of Architects, CSI, and AUGI user group events.


Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 The Autodesk Revit World 1

The Revit Interface  2

The Project Browser  30

File Types and Families 35

Are You Experienced? 43

Chapter 2 Creating a Model 45

Placing Walls 46

Using Reference Planes 47

Adding Interior Walls  59

Editing Wall Joins 79

Placing Doors and Windows 90

Are You Experienced? 106

Chapter 3 Creating Views 107

Creating Levels  107

Creating and Modifying Building Sections  125

Adding Wall Sections  139

Creating Detail Sections 141

Creating Callouts  146

Creating and Modifying a Camera View 152

Creating an Elevation 156

Are You Experienced? 167

Chapter 4 Working with the Autodesk Revit Tools 169

The Basic Edit Commands 170

The Array Command  180

The Mirror Command 190

The Align Tool 193

The Split Element Command 199

The Trim Command 205

The Offset Command  208

Copy/Paste 210

Creating the Plans  213

Are You Experienced? 217

Chapter 5 Dimensioning and Annotating 219

Dimensioning  220

Using Dimensions as a Layout Tool  240

Placing Text and Annotations 255

Are You Experienced? 263

Chapter 6 Floors 265

Placing a Floor Slab  265

Building a Floor by Layers  281

Splitting the Floor Materials  292

Pitching a Floor to a Floor Drain 300

Creating Shaft Openings  306

Are You Experienced? 312

Chapter 7 Roofs 313

Placing Roofs by Footprint 314

Creating a Sloping Roof  345

Creating Roofs by Extrusion 351

Adding a Roof Dormer  360

Are You Experienced? 365

Chapter 8 Structural Items 367

Adding Structural Grids 367

Adding Structural Columns 382

Using Structural Framing  389

Understanding Foundation Systems  401

Adding Structural Footings  406

Using Structural Views 416

Are You Experienced? 420

Chapter 9 Ceilings and Interiors 421

Creating Ceilings 422

Creating Ceiling Openings and Soffits 438

Adding Interior Design 451

Adding Alternate Floor Materials 475

Are You Experienced? 479

Chapter 10 Stairs, Ramps, and Railings 481

Creating Stairs by Using the

Rise/Run Function 481

Creating a Winding Staircase 505

Creating a Custom Railing System  522

Creating Custom Stairs  526

Adding Ramps 540

Are You Experienced? 547

Chapter 11 Schedules and Tags 549

Creating Schedules 550

Creating Material Takeoffs  571

Creating Key Legends and Importing CAD Legends  580

Adding Tags 594

Creating Custom Tags 604

Keynoting  613

Are You Experienced? 621

Chapter 12 Detailing 623

Working with Line Weights  624

Drafting on Top of the Detail 626

Adding Notes 666

Creating Blank Drafting Views 669

Are You Experienced? 689

Chapter 13 Creating Specific Views and Match Lines 691

Duplicating Views 692

Creating Dependent Views  694

Adding Match Lines  700

Using View Templates 705

Are You Experienced? 706

Chapter 14 Creating Sheets and Printing 707

Creating and Populating Sheets 707

Modifying a Viewport  715

Adding Revisions to a Sheet 721

Addressing Project Parameters  725

Generating a Cover Sheet 727

Printing from Revit Architecture 733

Are You Experienced? 736

Chapter 15 Creating Rooms and Area Plans 737

Creating Rooms  738

Adding a Room Schedule  748

Adding a Color-Fill Plan  751

Adding Room Separators  754

Creating an Area Plan 756

Are You Experienced? 759

Chapter 16 Advanced Wall Topics 761

Creating Compound Walls  762

Adding Wall Sweeps  770

Creating Stacked Walls 781

Creating Curtain Walls 785

Adding a Wall to a Massing Object 797

Are You Experienced? 810

Chapter 17 Creating Families 811

Creating a Basic Family  811

Using a Complex Family to Create an Arched Door  823

Creating an In-Place Family 838

Are You Experienced? 842

Chapter 18 Site and Topography 843

Adding a Site in Revit  844

Splitting the Surface 849

Creating Subregions 851

Adding Site Components  853

Adding Building Pads to Displace Earth  859

Adding a Property Line 861

Creating a Toposurface by Instance 863

Creating a Graded Region 871

Are You Experienced? 873

Chapter 19 Rendering and Presentation 875

Creating an Exterior Rendering 876

Creating an Interior Rendering  889

Creating Walkthroughs  890

Creating a Solar Study  895

Are You Experienced? 897

Chapter 20 Importing and Coordinating Models 899

Linking a Revit Structure Model  900

Activating Copy/Monitor 902

Running Interference Detection  909

Importing and Exporting CAD Formats  912

Are You Experienced? 918

Chapter 21 Phasing and Design Options 919

Managing Project Phasing  920

Examining Graphic Overrides  924

Creating Design Options  925

Are You Experienced? 931

Chapter 22 Project Collaboration 933

Enabling and Utilizing Worksharing 933

Working in the Revit Shared Environment 942

Are You Experienced? 950

Index 951