Paediatric Handbook 9e
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This new edition of the best-selling manual, The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Paediatric Handbook 9th Edition is a succinct and practical guide to managing common and serious disorders in childhood. Relevant to medical, nursing and allied health fields, this is both a useful source for revision and an essential guide to clinical management and rapid decision-making at the point of care.

For this edition, the handbook has been restructured according to body systems and is now more closely aligned with the Royal Children's Hospital Clinical Practice Guidelines. It also includes updated evidence-based information in all chapters, an additional genetics chapter, new renal and oncology chapters and fully updated drug doses.

The Handbook includes:

  • Clear illustrations, and plenty of accessible diagnostic and management algorithms
  • A Paediatric Pharmacopoeia
  • Step-by-step guidelines for paediatric procedures
  • Emphasis on the modern, community-based approach to the management of children's problems
  • A strong emphasis on practical management by the doctor at first contact

With well-presented, summarized information that you can easily access during a consultation, this text is also an excellent supplemental handbook for students, junior medical staff and medical practitioners.


Dr Amanda Gwee, Fellow in Infectious Diseases, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Romi Rimer, Centre for Community Child Health, The Royal Children's Hospital, Australia.

Associate Professor Michael Marks MBBS MD MPH FRACP, Acting Director & Paediatrician, General Medicine, Royal Children's Hospital and Associate Professor (Clinical), Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne.


Contributors, vii

Acknowledgements, xii

Foreword, xiii

RCH Handbook List, xiv

Preface, xv

1 Medical emergencies, 1
Michael Clifford, Ed Oakley, James Tibballs

2 Surgical emergencies, 9
Russell Taylor, John Hutson, Tom Clarnette, Ed Oakley, Michael Nightingale

3 Pain management, 17
Jane Munro, George Chalkiadis

4 Procedures, 30
Ed Oakley

5 Poisoning and envenomation, 48
James Tibballs

6 Cardiac conditions, 61
Bryn Jones, Michael Cheung

7 Respiratory conditions, 74
Sarath Ranganathan, John Massie

8 Gastrointestinal conditions, 90
George Alex, Susie Gibbs, Winita Hardikar, Michael Nightingale

9 Fluids and nutrition, 106
Sarah McNab, Julian Kelly, Trevor Duke, Zoe¨ McCallum, Michele Meehan, Liz Rogers

10 Genitourinary conditions, 126
Amanda M. Walker, John Hutson, Mike O’Brien, Sonia Grover

11 Neurologic conditions, 144
Andrew Kornberg, Mark Mackay, Wirginia Maixner

12 Haematologic conditions and oncology, 159
Anthea Greenway, Diane Hanna, Francoise Mechinaud, Yves Heloury

13 The endocrine system, 184
Margaret Zacharin, Fergus Cameron, George Werther, Michele O’Connell

14 Growth and puberty, 203
Matthew Sabin, Michele O’Connell, Georgia Paxton

15 Bones and joints, 215
Peter Barnett, Jane Munro, Leo Donnan, Roger Allen

16 Head and neck conditions, 231
James Elder, Kerrod Hallett, Elizabeth Rose, Kathy Rowe

17 Dermatologic conditions, 250
Rod Phillips, David Orchard

18 Infectious diseases and immunisation, 265
Nigel Curtis, Mike Starr, Tom Connell, Nigel Crawford

19 Allergy and immunology, 305
Ralf Heine, Joanne Smart, Dean Tey

20 Genetics and metabolics, 320
David Amor, Joy Lee

21 Neonatal conditions, 330
Rod Hunt

22 Adolescent health, 345
Susan Sawyer, Michelle Telfer, Sonia Grover

23 Child development and disability, 357
Daryl Efron, Catherine Marraffa, Sheena Reilly, Dinah Reddihough

24 Sleep problems, 370
Margot Davey

25 Behaviour and mental health, 376
Chidambaram Prakash, Lionel Lubitz, Daryl Efron

26 Prescribing for children, 400
Noel Cranswick, Antun Bogovic

27 Immigrant health, 404
Georgia Paxton

28 The death of a child, 412
Jenny Hynson

29 Forensic medicine, 417
Anne Smith


1 Growth charts, 426

2 Pharmacopoeia, 443

3 Antimicrobial guidelines, 483

4 Formulae, 494

Index, 496