Raspberry Pi Projects For Dummies
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Join the Raspberry revolution with these fun and easy Pi projects

The Raspberry Pi has opened up a whole new world of innovation for everyone from hardware hackers and programmers to students, hobbyists, engineers, and beyond. Featuring a variety of hands-on projects, this easy-to-understand guide walks you through every step of the design process and will have you creating like a Raspberry Pi pro in no time. You’ll learn how to prepare your workspace, assemble the necessary tools, work with test equipment, and find your way around the Raspberry Pi before moving on to a series of fun, lively projects that brings some power to your plain ol’ Pi.

  • Introduces Raspberry Pi basics and gives you a solid understanding of all the essentials you’ll need to take on your first project
  • Includes an array of fun and useful projects that show you how to do everything from creating a magic light wand to enhancing your designs with Lego sensors, installing and writing games for the RISC OS, building a transistor tester, and more
  • Provides an easy, hands-on approach to learning more about electronics, programming, and interaction design for Makers and innovators of all ages

Bring the power of Pi to your next cool creation with Raspberry Pi Projects For Dummies!


Mike Cook is a lifelong electronics buff, a former lecturer in physics at Manchester Metropolitan University, and the author of more than 300 articles on computing and electronics. You'll often find him monitoring technology forums under the moniker Grumpy Mike. Brock Craft is a lecturer in creative coding in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, and a senior tutor at the Royal College of Art. He is a specialist in physical computing, data visualization, and the Internet of Things. Jonathan Evans is a distinguished IT professional with more than 20 years of experience. He enjoys sharing his ideas at http://projects.privateeyepi.com, where he continues to explore the endless possibilities of this computing platform.


Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Projects 5

Chapter 1: Getting to Know the Raspberry Pi 7

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Tools and Workbench 29

Chapter 3: Focusing on Technique 47

Chapter 4: The Raspberry Family 69

Part II: Working with LEDs and Switches 79

Chapter 5: The Sauce Bottle Game 81

Chapter 6: Stomp! 93

Chapter 7: The Light Fantastic 115

Chapter 8: Games for the Light Fantastic 135

Part III: Developing Advanced Interfaces 155

Chapter 9: Advanced Interfaces 157

Chapter 10: Raspberry Pi in the Sky 197

Chapter 11: Webcam and Computer Vision 233

Chapter 12: The Raspberry Jazz Glitter Trio 263

Part IV: Making the Raspberry Pi Your LEGO’s Magic Brick 277

Chapter 13: The Pi Meets LEGO 279

Chapter 14: The LEGO Dice Game 307

Chapter 15: LEGO Direct 335

Part V: Exploring RISC OS 371

Chapter 16: Introducing RISC OS 373

Chapter 17: RISC OS Coding 391

Chapter 18: Transistor Tester 417

Chapter 19: The General?]Purpose Input/Output Port in RISC OS 441

Part VI: The Part of Tens 451

Chapter 20: Ten Great LEGO Pi Projects 453

Chapter 21: Ten Suppliers of Components and Tools 457

Index 461