Your Health Your Choice
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Imagine going through your day without feeling sick or tired. Through this new edition of the best seller Your Health Your Choice, you will learn to control how you feel - both physically and emotionally. Inside the pages of this revolutionary guide you will discover nutrition guidelines and wellness principles that will help ensure good health and transform the way you feel.

Dr. Morter deals well with the subject of un-wellness. At first glance, the premises he advocates may seem unorthodox. However, as his explanations progress through the book, his entire treatise becomes captivating. The ideas presented are simple and easy to accept. Your Health Your Choice does a commendable job of simplifying the very difficult concept that the body has an innate ability to keep itself in tune via "proper" nutrition.

Inside these pages you will discover:
- The food you ate in the past determines how healthy you will be in the future
- Age is no excuse for disease, aches or pains
- You can evaluate your health before symptoms of disease appear
- Too much protein is hazardous to your health
- Healing is automatic if you give your body a chance

Your Health Your Choice is an essential tool that allows you to evaluate your diet and lifestyle, and determine what needs to be altered.


Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr. has devoted over twenty-five years to helping sick people get well. His lectures, seminars, research, and four-day programs (Concentrated Care) held in his medical offices in Rogers, Arkansas, are attended by doctors and patients from around the world. Dr. Morter is the author of magazine articles and several books written for the chiropractic medical community.


"Singularly the most significant contribution to nutrition and health that I have encountered in my 25 years of medical practice..." - Charles E. Wiley, M.D.

"...brings to light in a very readable, rational, and scientific way how the foods we eat affect our health...I've examined the evidence he presents and studied the scientific basis for this approach...I can't help but be convinced that Dr. Morter is right." - Richard R. Knight, M.D.

"...nutrition information is so straightforward and so well explained that I wonder why the nutritionists have not made this important information available to the public...I have maintained a lean body wait of 12% (fat) for two years after losing 20 pounds." - Stan Plagenhoef, Ph.D.

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