Clinical Dermatology 5e
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The best-selling text has been completely revised and revitalised in this fifth edition, with the authors once again encouraging general practitioners, medical students, general physicians and early stage dermatology specialist trainees and interns to relish the unique challenge of diagnosing and treating skin conditions.

Clinical Dermatology, 5th edition contains over 400 high quality pictures and diagrams combined with colourful phrases to illustrate and entertain as it teaches. The book has established a reputation as a ‘way of learning’ and as an accessible guide to the subject for the aspiring specialist. Readers are guided through the maze that too often lies between the presenting skin complaint and its final diagnosis and treatment. The authors have skilfully crafted an easily read text with enough detail to clarify the subject, but not enough to obscure it.

This fifth edition contains new chapters on non-invasive physical treatment and dermoscopy, and new material on cosmetic dermatology, surgical dermatology, the skin and the psyche, and dermatoses of non-Caucasian skin. The text throughout the book has been updated in line with developments in the science and practice of dermatology.

“... brilliantly succeeds in enticing you to look further. The writing is clear, and the joint British-American authorship avoids any parochial views.” From a review of a previous edition in BMJ

“...a very well-presented excellent aid for teaching. I recommend this book highly to individuals and departments.” From a review of a previous edition in J Derm Treatment

“… provides a good overview of the structure and function of the skin as well as a good foundation for learning dermatology…well organized and includes a chapter dedicated to skin signs of systemic disease which is not covered in the other dermatology primers.” From a review of a previous edition in JAMA


Richard Weller, Senior Lecturer, Department of Dermatology, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Hamish Hunter, Clinical Research Fellow, University of Manchester, UK.

Margaret Mann, Assistant Professor, Director of Aesthetic Dermatology, Case Western School of Medicine, OH, USA


Preface to the Fifth Edition vii

Acknowledgements viii

Introduction ix

1 Skin Disease in Perspective 1

2 The Function and Structure of the Skin 7

3 Diagnosis of Skin Disorders 30

4 Disorders of Keratinization 45

5 Psoriasis 52

6 Other Papulosquamous Disorders 68

7 Eczema and Dermatitis 76

8 Reactive Erythemas and Vasculitis 99

9 Bullous Diseases 113

10 Connective Tissue Disorders 126

11 Disorders of Blood Vessels and Lymphatics 140

12 Sebaceous and Sweat Gland Disorders 156

13 Regional Dermatology 171

14 Racial Skin Differences 197

15 The Skin at Different Ages 208

16 Infections 214

17 Infestations 249

18 Skin Reactions to Light 258

19 Disorders of Pigmentation 267

20 Skin Tumours 278

21 The Skin in Systemic Disease 311

22 Cosmetic Dermatology 323

23 The Skin and the Psyche 334

24 Other Genetic Disorders 342

25 Drug Eruptions 351

26 Medical Treatment 359

27 Physical Forms of Treatment 366

28 Dermoscopy 385

Formulary 1: Topical Treatments 397

Formulary 2: Systemic Medication 410

Index 427A