Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing, Sixth Edition
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More About This Title Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing, Sixth Edition


Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing provides the reader with the latest information on Selection, Care and Use of Chemical Protective garments and gloves. Topics in the widely-used reference guide include Selection and Use of Chemical Protective Clothing, Chemical Index, Selection Recommendations, Glossary, Standards for Chemical Protective Clothing, Manufactures of Chemical Protective Clothing and European requirements for chemical resistant gloves.

The key feature of the book is the color-coded selection recommendations. The red, yellow or green indications are highly appreciated by the users.  This sixth edition of the Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing has been updated, to include approximately 1,000 chemicals/chemical brands or mixture of chemicals more than twice the information provided in the original edition.  The performance of 9 generic materials and 32 proprietary barriers are compared against the 21 standard test chemicals listed in ASTM F1001.  The color-coded recommendations against the broader list of materials now contain 27 representative barrier materials. 

This best selling pocket guide is the an essential field source for HazMat teams,  spill responder, safety professionals, chemists and chemical engineers, industrial hygienists, supervisors, purchase agents, salespeople and other users of chemical protective clothing. 


KRISTER FORSBERG is an internationally recognized expert on protective clothing. He has been an active member of ASTM Committee F23 on Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment and convenor of EN 374—Chemical and micro-organism within CEN/TC162. ANN VAN DEN BORRE is currently active as Sr. Technical Manager at Ansell Healthcare, advising customers to find the best solution. She has been working in this Personal Protective Equipment sector for 15 years. With a Master of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Ann has specialized in chemical protective clothing materials and the mechanism of permeation breakthrough. NORMAN HENRY III is a retired DuPont Senior Research Chemist and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). He was active in ASTM Committee F23 on Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment during the development of the permeation test method F-739, is a member of AIHA's Protective Clothing and Equipment committee, and has expertise in protective clothing testing and evaluation. JAMES P. ZEIGLER spent 19 years working on chemical protective apparel materials at DuPont before retiring in 2011. Dr. Zeigler was co-inventor of many of DuPont's chemical protective apparel fabrics. He is currently chairman of the ASTM chemical protective clothing sub-committee and a 21-year member of the NFPA Technical Committee for Hazardous Materials Protective Clothing and Equipment.


Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

SECTION I Introduction to the Quick Selection Process 1

How to Use This Guide 1

SECTION II Selection and Use of Chemical Protective Clothing 5

Chemical Resistance of Protective Clothing–What Does It Mean and How to Evaluate It 5

Standards and Requirements Related to CPCs 10

The Selection Process 15

Correct Use, Care, Maintenance, and Disposability of CPCs 25

Create Your Own Checklist 28

SECTION III Chemical Index 31

Chemical Class Numbers 31

Chemical Names 32

Synonyms 32

Chemical Abstract Service Number–CAS # 32

Risk Codes 33

Chemical Warfare Agents 35

SECTION IV Selection Recommendations 111

Color Codes Used in the Tables 111

Introduction to the Trade Name Table 113

Important Notes 117

Barriers Related to the Master Chemical Resistance Table 129

Important Notes Related to the Master Chemical Resistance Table 131

SECTION V Glossary 231

SECTION VI Standards for Chemical Protective Clothing 249

ASTM Standards (http://www.astm.org/COMMITTEE/F23.htm) 249

NFPA Standards (http://www.nfpa.org) 252

EN Standards (http://www.cen.eu) 253

ISO Standards (http://www.iso.org) 255

SECTION VII Manufacturers of Chemical Protective Clothing 257