War of the Seers
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War of the Seers

In a realm where mysticism intertwines with reality, seers—individuals gifted with the unique ability to perceive the spirit entities known as sironges—live in relative harmony. These gifted individuals coexist with the rest of the populace, using their talents for a variety of purposes, both benign and malevolent.

Katia, a young woman unaware of her latent seer abilities, finds her life upended when she becomes the target of mysterious attacks. As she grapples with her newly awakened powers and the realization that she possesses a rare artifact, the Rydan Tear, her world broadens beyond her quiet town. Alongside her mother, Anna, and her mentor, Stillo, she is thrust into the complex world of seer politics, ancient rivalries, and looming wars.

Anna, seasoned by covert endeavors against rogue sironges, becomes Katia's guide, revealing the intricacies of their kind. Meanwhile, Stillo, a seer of notable strength and wisdom, challenges Katia, ensuring she harnesses her potential for the battles to come.

But shadows stretch across their path. The sinister Lord Drexa and his faction threaten to shatter the fragile peace. With every revelation, alliances shift, and trust becomes a luxury the trio can scarcely afford.

As tensions rise, Katia must navigate her new role in this world. She becomes a beacon of hope, embodying a new era of seers that values justice over vengeance. Together with the council of seers she helps form, she stands at the forefront of a conflict that will determine the future of their realm.

The stage is set for a monumental clash, where loyalties are tested, sacrifices made, and the fate of the seer community hangs in the balance. The "War of the Seers" is not just a battle of might, but a war for the soul of a community.