Madison Madison Miles and the big, BIG move
Diverse Children's book series that has sold thousands!

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More About This Title Madison Madison Miles and the big, BIG move


Meet Madison Ivy Miles... A sweet 12 year old girl with a spunky attitude and a love for science. Madison's dad just took a new job in Detroit and the whole family (Including her annoying little brother) have to move from warm, sunny Georgia to cold and old Michigan. Plus, Madison has to leave her best friend and cousin, Jihan in Georgia and start middle school and make all new friends. It's totally insane!

On top of all that, Madison's first week of school comes with major confrontations from Oliva Jackson, the girl who thinks she's all that, and an overload of homework from her science teacher Mrs. Knowles. Between missin her old school, her best friend Jihan and dealing with all the craziness of Detroit, will Madison be able to complete her big project in time?