Philip Vera Cruz
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The United Farm Workers union has an interesting past, and it’s all thanks to Philip Vera Cruz. This biography tells the story an unsung hero and Filipino farm worker that led the historic Delano strike, grape boycott, and the formation of the United Farm Workers union—part of the Leaders Like Us series.

Philip Vera Cruz came to the United States from the Philippines in search of an education. Instead, he had to work different jobs to survive. Learn about how he and other Filipino farm workers, the manongs, started the historic strike in Delano, California that led to a grape boycott and the birth of the United Farm Workers union. Learn all about Philip’s early life, struggles, and all of his accomplishments.

Fun Storybook Features:

<ul><li>This children’s book features a timeline, post-reading questions, and an interactive activity to develop reading comprehension skills.</li>

<li>24 pages of vibrant illustrations</li></ul>

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