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More About This Title Tradespeople


TRADESPEOPLE: Trades such as transportation and construction take on a whole new importance in the military. Discover the many careers in the United States military that require these important skills!

CAREERS IN THE US MILITARY: The US military contains over 1 million members in a variety of branches, but what exactly are their jobs? Let's find out!

INCLUDES: This 32-page high-interest nonfiction book for striving readers in grades 4–9 features fun facts and stories from military members themselves! Also includes after-reading questions and activities.

BENEFITS: Glossary words are defined on the page where they appear, boosting reader comprehension. Learning about these familiar (and surprising!) careers is sure to engage, entertain, and keep readers coming back for more!

WHY ROURKE: Since 1980, we’ve been committed to bringing out the best nonfiction books to help you bring out the best in your young learners. Our carefully crafted topics encourage all students who are "learning to read" and "reading to learn"!