Spiders and Other Arthropods
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More About This Title Spiders and Other Arthropods


SPIDERS AND OTHER ARTHROPODS: Elementary- to middle-school readers will explore amazing facts about arthropods in this 32-page nonfiction science book, which takes children on a journey with some of the most exciting (and dangerous?!) animals in the world!

SCIENCE READER FOR KIDS: Around some animals, you need to use caution. Others are harmless or even helpful. But do you know which is which? Readers will explore the animal kingdom and discover which arthropods are dangerous and which ones aren't – the facts may surprise you!

INCLUDES: Readers will be hooked from beginning to end with mesmerizing science facts and vivid photos! This 32-page book features glossary words that are defined on the page where they appear, boosting reader comprehension and confidence.

BENEFITS: These high-interest, lower-reading-level books engage early readers and readers who are sometimes reluctant with facts about some of the most fascinating animals in the animal kingdom. Glossary words support parents and teachers with helping children connect even further with the text.

WHY ROURKE: Since 1980, we’ve been committed to bringing out the best non-fiction books to help you bring out the best in your young learners. Our carefully crafted topics encourage all students who are "learning to read" and "reading to learn"!