Spectrum Complete Learning + Videos Workbook
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More About This Title Spectrum Complete Learning + Videos Workbook


6th Grade Reading, Writing, and Math Workbook for kids ages 11-12

Support your child’s educational journey with the innovative Spectrum Grade 6 Complete Learning + Videos Workbook!

6th grade workbooks are a great way for your child to learn essential language arts and math skills such as division and multiplication facts, geometry, punctuation, reading passages, and more through a variety of activities that are both fun AND educational!

Why You’ll Love This 6th Grade ELA & Math Book

<ul><li>Featured QR codes link to free videos that reinforce lesson topics with one easy scan! The Spectrum Complete Learning + Videos 6th grade workbook not only features math, reading, and language arts lessons and activities, it also includes QR codes that link to free videos to help kids visualize new concepts and steps to solving problems.</li><li>Testing progress along the way. Practice assessments are included to help track your child’s progress along the way before moving on to new and exciting lessons.</li><li>Practically sized for every activity The 352-page 6th grade book is sized at about 8 inches x 11 inches—giving your child plenty of space to complete each exercise.</li></ul>

About Spectrum

For more than 20 years, Spectrum has provided solutions for parents who want to help their children get ahead, and for teachers who want their students to meet and exceed set learning goals—providing workbooks that are a great resource for both homeschooling and classroom curriculum.

The 6th Grade Activity Book Contains:

<ul><li>Chaper introductions, learning activities, and practice assessments</li><li>QR codes that link to free online videos that reinforce lesson topics </li><li>Weekly schedules, website/password tracker log, and answer key </li></ul>