Gift of the Raven
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More About This Title Gift of the Raven


The people of the Haida Gwaii tell the legend of the raven - the trickster who brings the gift of light into the world.

Canada, 1971: Terry always believed his father would return one day and rescue him from his dark and violent childhood. That's what Indian warriors were supposed to do. But he's thirteen now and doesn't believe in anything much.

Yet his father is alive. Someone has tracked him down. And Terry is about to come face to face with the truth about his own past and about the real nature of the gift of the raven.


“Don't be fooled into thinking that because it is an easy read that the novella is light on content, far from it, there is an underlying richness and a profound sense of compassion pervading through the narrative, and the spirit of the story stays with you for a long time.” Jo @jaffareadstoo

Exhibited At: International book fairs