Beat the Reading Disease
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More About This Title Beat the Reading Disease


This book is designed to help you recognize the symptoms of the Reading Disease no matter what it is called (Learning Disability, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Minimal Brain Damage, etc.). The text tells you how to check your child now, get a baseline reading rate and errors, and how to check for improvement as your child goes through the therapies you have chosen.

The available treatments are discussed. The discussions tell you if the treatments are designed to create physical changes in the child or are immediate solutions. It is easy to see that crutches are an immediate help to a broken leg, however, no healing has taken place, they just allowed walking. It suggests using treatment combinations to both strengthen and improve reading; spelling and other related learning problems. The costs of these treatments are briefly reviewed.

After reading this book, the reader should know the cause of the Reading Disease, how to choose correction, why these corrections work, how to assess for improvement, how to trace this problem in families and how to apply this information to one child or a school of children.

Profits from the purchase of this material will be used to forward the development of the electronic therapy described. Thank you!

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