The Treasure of Solomon

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Sam Cohen is on top of the world as the star of the unexpectedly successful Archeology Channel, and the next ancient artifact he has tracked down and is unveiling, live on TV, promises to eclipse all others in all of human history. However, Sam and his bodyguard, Kishor, are unaware that the priceless value of the find is known to Brisbane and his high-tech band of mercenaries. They now know the secret location of the fabled “Treasure of Solomon” sought for years by the Muslims, the Jews, and the American Christians. And they intend to take the sacred Lost Ark of the Covenant, all while the world watches, live


David Peel is an attorney at law in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. He is a fisherman, author, artist, photographer, Bible teacher, missionary, woodworker, and a family man who loves to travel. The Treasure of Solomon, an action-packed faith novel, is his first fiction book, and he plans to write several more. His first non-fiction book, Two Feet or Ten: What You Dont See When You Drive, was an Amazon best seller.