Coffeetime in Summer

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After we sang our closing song and prayed our closing prayer, these wonderful people began coming to me one after the other to bid farewell. I couldn’t speak their language, and they couldn’t speak mine, but I soon discovered we didn’t need an interpreter as we had a common language after all. It was the language of smiles, tears and uplifted index fingers. Yes, as they said their goodbyes to me, these Brazilian brothers and sisters in Christ would point upward. That was each one’s way of saying: “I will meet you in the air.”

So begins the first of these engaging and delightful readings from Roger Ellsworth as he connects ordinary life with the spiritual truths of God’s Word. What are the sure signs of a heavenly hope? How does a dog know that it is Sunday? Learn what’s unique about Rover and the cows—and benefit from ninety other life-changing reflections from the message of the Bible!


Roger Ellsworth is a retired pastor, active in ministry and writing, who lives in Jackson, Tennessee. He and his wife, Sylvia, love the message of the Bible, and they enjoy sharing the wonderful counsel of the Word of God in language that ordinary people can understand and appreciate. Roger has written numerous books on the Christian faith, and has exercised a preaching ministry for over fifty years. Roger and Sylvia have two sons, Tim and Martyn.