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More About This Title ShadowMarked


This is no longer just about the Marked kids, its about every person alive.

Sienna and Theo escaped the Void, but they are not free of the Reeks. With the Void overrun by Reeks the wall that has kept them safe for years may soon fall. Already, Reeks are destroying villages, and there are not enough of them to keep up.

He’s here, he’s alive. Jayla keeps reminding herself that Caspian escaped the horrors of the Void with his life, but the memories of what she saw threaten to destroy her. She’s not weak, and these people need a leader, but she can’t hide the truth from Cas or Em, and she doesn’t know how to stop the panic.

Gunner made a mistake; he trusted the wrong people all because he needed information. There is no way to make up for what he did, but if he stays by Vic’s side maybe he’ll have a chance to survive. He knows her friends will come for her, but will they kill him on sight?

Genetic kids are going missing, not just the Marked. Taken to an undisclosed location in the Canvas Mountain Range, there is only one way to find them. Go back in, into the heart of the enemy who nearly destroyed all of them once, in hopes they can get everyone out, including themselves, alive. But what they want the kids for is unknown—and the truth will change everything.