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More About This Title OSKAL


Strange murders in Besançon and Toulouse are carefully hushed up. Captain Damien Sergent and his team lead the investigation to unmask the influential murderers.

The Work
Oskal is the first work in a trilogy about a murder case. Powerful forces combine to oppose the investigators.
In summer 2010, in Besançon, a female jogger disappears. At the scene, the DNA of a member of the Prefect’s family is found but shortly afterwards the DNA file is erased and the case is buried. In 2018, near Toulouse, Captain Damien Sergent takes his son to the circus, but the end of the show turns to tragedy when the young performer, Irina, is found dead. At first, the investigators think she might have killed herself but they soon understand that what seems like suicide is a cover-up for murder. The investigation leads step by step to a case that had been buried 8 years previously in Besançon, and the documents have mysteriously disappeared.
In Besançon, Captain Sergent’s team face powerful, influential people who will do anything to make sure their secrets are not revealed. The captain and his team have to work operate on hostile terrain, redoubling their efforts to make the link between their two cases and solve the puzzle of this incredible investigation.

Key Sales Points
- A thriller with a well-crafted plot and multiple twists and turns.
- Informed by extensive research into Russia and the mafia.
- Each character has a unique history and personality
that contributes to the cohesiveness and coherence of the story.


Guillaume Coquery is a technician and machine designer from Saint-Gaudens in South-Western France. With Oksal, the first work in a trilogy, he has won several prizes in short story competitions.