Killers Kills Killers
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More About This Title Killers Kills Killers


During a serial killers’ congress, participants are killed one after another in the same way they used to kill their victims. A killers’ killer in on the loose.

The Work
In a North American metropolis, the mutilated body of a man is discovered in the backyard of a local grocery store. Three other murders, each more violent than the last, follow in quick succession. All the victims, only men, are murdered according to operating modes based on staging of an absolute horror. That’s all it takes for the word serial killer to be uttered.
Sepp Ganser, a seasoned homicide investigator, is temporarily parted from his teammate Gabriel Sykes and forced to team up with profiler Helene Laffont. Laffont’s theory is that the victims are themselves serial killers. Killed as they killed their victims.
With the presidential campaign in full swing, Ganser is aware that he cannot avoid the political pressure. The two protagonists, with everything between them, agree to a compromise: three weeks together. After this period, if nothing is solved, Ganser returns to his old habits.
But the reality is far from what they could have imagined. Their city is hosting a Konvention (with a ‘’K’’ for ‘’Killer’’), to be held over five days. Five days during which everything is allowed, even the unimaginable. Even the possibility that one of the participants is a Killer of Killers.
And even the possibility that Ganser and Laffont might themselves be invited to this Konvention...

Selling Points
- This book features endearing characters, for whom personal difficulties and traumas are constantly intertwined with their work and their forced undercover job.
- Very human investigators confronted with inhuman monsters, but who hide it well.
- The reader is kept on the edge of his seat until the last page.


Danny-Philippe Desgagné grew up in a mining town in northeastern Quebec, with a detective father and a mother at home. First a letter carrier for 7 years, then a bailiff for a few years, he was tired of working for othersto make a living and started a business with his brothers.
Following the death of his scriptwriter brother ten yearsago, he decides to take up and finish the work they had started to write together: Killer kills Killers. Danny-Philippe
is also the author of Irimi (éditions Félix), La flamme et l’abîme (éditions Triskele), and Le Sicarier (éditions SM).

Exhibited At: International book fairs