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The city of San Francisco is destroyed by a violent earthquake. Two teenagers, only survivors of a devastated park find a mysterious box leading them to a strange world.

The Work

The city of San Francisco is destroyed by a violent earthquake. Two orphans abandoned babies at the doorsteps of a convent the same day, Lea in Paris, Drarion in San Francisco, find themselves the only survivors of the disaster, in a devastated park. In the wreckage, Lea finds a mysterious light box, firmly locked. Worried about her adoptive parents, the box under her arm, she convinces Drarion and Satine, a young amnesiac journalist, to help looking for them in the ruins of the city.
Buried under their house, Lea’s parents cannot be saved and succumb to their injuries.
The two teenagers, refusing the fate imposed on them by the paramedics on spot: orphanage for Drarion and return to France for Lea, escape Satine’s watch.
Examining the medallion Drarion wears around his neck, they discover it’s the key to the box. Once opened, a message appears and reveals to them that they come from another world whose balance has been upset. Of royal blood, they were sent to earth for their safety. Deciding to get back there, they take Satine with them unwillingly.
In this magical universe populated by strange creatures, they have to adapt and learn to hold their rank. Danger is awaiting in the presence of the prince of darkness.
Not to mention a prophecy of this world they know nothing about, that promises them an extraordinary destiny.

Key Sales Points
- A series that has already sold more than 50,000 copies.
- The 4th volume, that has been released February 2019 is an Amazon bestseller since then.
- A spellbinding story with a storyline that raises a number of questions.
- Two endearing characters who complement each other, forming an unusual duo."

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Fabien Saint-Val has had an unusual career that has led him to work in New York, San Francisco and Montreal for television studios and movie sets, as well as for the Clinton Foundation. After the 2003 California earthquake, he began writing the first lines of what would become Faralonn. Now back in France, he lives in Saint-Étienne.

Rights Sold

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