From Broken to Beautiful
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More About This Title From Broken to Beautiful


For heartbroken women and men who have been hurt, betrayed, cheated, or feel alone, to get healing through the word of God and my testimony. This book will help you gain a transformed and renewed mind, and to live a life of peace, joy, love, healing, and wholeness.


Are you heartbroken? Lonely? Hurt or betrayed? Have you lost hope? Are you desperately seeking a way out? From Broken to Beautiful is your guide to healing and life after heartbreak.
I found out my husband was having an affair in August of 2014. We separated and I moved back to my home town with our 16 month-old first born, 6 months pregnant with our second child. After 2 years of separation we were divorced.

I understand the struggle of adultery, single motherhood, separation, divorce, failed marriage, heartbreak, abuse and manipulation, toxic relationships, and depression.
This book is my guide to you on how to heal after heartbreak. I share with you my journey and teach you how to heal through the word of God and my testimony.

In these pages you will learn:
How to have a good attitude and think more positively about your situation
How to forgive so you can let go of the pain and experience peace
How to love yourself again so that you can be happy alone
How to detox from your past so you can experience healing in your heart
How to remain joyous so you no longer feel controlled by your feelings
How to be encouraged and seek after God’s purpose in your life
How to refuse negativity so you do not look back, but keep moving forward