If I Had a Son

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Every boy today will be a man tomorrow.

When they say that the gentleman is an endangered species, they are not wrong. However, we can do something about it. This book is all about raising up a wholesome man.

This is a book for all men; parents and prospective parents wondering how to bring up their sons.

These are foundational thoughts that if ingrained into the man's mind will create and all-rounded gentlemen capable of reclaiming manhood’s lost glory.


GITONGA MUTANI is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. He is a staunch family man and a friend of Christ with a great passion for the wholesome growth of man. He runs programs in colleges, schools, corporations and homes that train men on true masculinity. His background as a Certified Public Accountant, a Hospitality and Eco-tourism Expert, a Senior Administrator in both public and private firms coupled with interests in Information Technology and Theology have grounded his approach to the many disciplines of life. He lives in Chuka, Kenya with his family.
Mutani is also a successful businessman who runs, among several other businesses, MOTRIAD Coaches, a human capital training company. His passion for Social Justice often leads him into political engagements. Above all things, he preaches Jesus Christ.


Prologue - The Power Of Me
Coming To Birth
First Things First
Tough Times
Being Yourself
Hear And Listen
The Family
Being With People
Time Value
Real Success
Be Happy
Epilogue - Retirement
About The Author
A Word From The Publisher