I Set Foot

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• For married couples: It will show you how travel rekindles love.
• For parents: it will show how presence and memories are important to children!
• For those who have never traveled with their parents: it will demystify the notion that parents don't like to travel.
• For mothers: Get great tips on how to reduce or manage burnout from the normal routine of life.
• For fathers: Oh yes... I am a father... learn how to lead your family to be adventerous.
Enjoy the read. "


As a lifeguard coach for over twenty years and water safety champion, Anthony embodies rescue as a natural way of being.
Anthony’s love for the great outdoors has seen him excel in water rescue/s. He is highly regarded in matters water safety and rescue.
Away from his career, his wild side comes alive. Every day, he scans the horizon yearning and planning for destinations that range from camping to seven star hotels and anything in between.
Having started off as a scout, he proceeded to backpack in Europe and the middle east where he gained priceless insights of people and their cultures. He also that travelling with friends and family offers boundless opportunities for bonding, fellowship and creating lifelong memories.
Anthony has a unique way of bringing out the best in the people around him. He does this by listening keenly and offering insights that stem from a place of deep empathy. He is also a strong believer in fun and often keeps people laughing and entertained. This rare blend of deep empathy and a happy-golucky spirit makes him an all-round person whose footsteps are
leaving a trail of difference in the lives of others.
When he is not travelling or working in the water, he can be found engrossed in the money market, his other career.


Chapter 1: Keeping the Honeymoon spirit alive
Chapter 2 : The Honeymoon begins
Chapter 3 : Nurturing trust in the Ocean
Chapter 4 : Security that steers you to the shoreline
Chapter 5 : The Holy Land beckons
Chapter 6 : A River of inspiration
Chapter 7 : Seize the moment!
Chapter 8: Mombasa’s sixty minutes of smiles & twinkles
Chapter 9 : Just be Kind
Chapter 10 : Swimming in Abu Dhabi’s new oceans
Chapter 11 : Soaring like an Eagle in Dubai
Chapter 12 : On the back of nature’s great masterpiece
Chapter 13 : The wonder of the smoke that thunders
Chapter 14 : Face your fears
Chapter 15 : One thousand hills of Hope & Beauty
Chapter 16 : In the footsteps of the graceful Intore dance
Chapter 17 : Just the two of us on a Cruise Ship
Chapter 18 : Travelling for Love
Chapter 19 : Cruising into unlimited Love
Chapter 20 : Paradise found
Chapter 21 : Magical
Chapter 22 : Experiencing the ultimate roar
About the author


“One great thing about this book is the sharing of real life experience of the couple and family, therefore an exhibit of love lived. It is also interesting to bring on board, the parents and grandparents in the adventure, which is hilarious. Love is therefore shared by the extended family.”
Rev John Calvin,
PCEA Church

“Anthony's passion for adrenaline adventure from tracking gorillas in Rwanda, going on cruises to bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls comes alive as he uses travel to create a lifetime of family experiences that we can all enjoy reading and emulate.”
Helen Kithinji
Author, Transformational Coach & Global Speaker

“Nature points to God, the strength of relationship is togetherness. The cross is vertical towards God and horizontal depicting God connecting with human beings, this depicts Anthony Muchiri’s family”
Dr. Duncan Mugambi, PhD.
Private Strategic Consultant

“I am a frequent traveler and I can attest that travel has opened not just my eyes, but also my mind and heart. As you turn the pages of this book, find inspiration to travel. And to love.”
Dr. Isaac Kalua,
Green Africa Foundation Chairman.

“I have become severely affected by the travel bug, thanks to years of watching my sister Damaris and her husband Anthony traveling across the world. My family and I have already begun following in their footsteps and we are loving every step of the way!”
Nahashon Mungai,
Investment Banker.