Da vida nas ruas ao teto dos livros
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The author, in a fluid narrative, guides the reader through a sea of stored experiences, as the “chief diving suit” of an expedition through the inhospitable, deep and frightening territory of the memories that we try to drown in the soul, but that insist on going up to the surface. It is never without anxiety the decision to take first-person speech to tell true stories that are so impressive of pains, struggles and also victories, but here, it is far from the easy speech that reaches the common place of self-praise and meritocracy so in vogue. Telling about the search for its origins and the implications of the hardships suffered, it helps us to reflect on our own lives and on what we, the readers, have made of our own memories, pains and experiences. By sharing her family with us, Clarice gives us the opportunity to review and exercise empathy and renewal by identifying our humanities.